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Jan 27, 2017

Jackie S.

Taylor!! How are you?! I've been meaning to message you because I've been using these nail polishes you'd love! The YouTuber Kathleenlights had her own polish brand: KL Polish and the colors/formula are amazing!! I know you aren't in the states but if you can get them, I'd highly recommend!!

Feb 16, 2016

Sabrina K.

And the picture!

Feb 16, 2016

Sabrina K.

Hi beautiful girl :) The nail polish I ordered on the 17th just arrived today and the colors are too die for so I had to share!!
So meet my new girls: Pandora, Tove, Lo and Talia :)

Jan 17, 2016

Sabrina K.

Hi Taylor :) I was just ordering nail polish and thought of you! haven't seen you around in a while, hope all is good with you :)

Jan 20, 2016

T K.

Hey Sabrina!! How exciting, I love ordering new polish. You are too sweet 😊 I am well! I have had my best friend visiting as well as a couple from Norway, and I am trying not to go completely insane lol my house hasn't been my house for over month, and I have barely had personal space to breathe let alone paint my nails lol but my nails are finally quite long so hopefully soon I can try a design!! How are you girl?

Jan 21, 2016

Sabrina K.

I know right, and extra exciting when it's new zoya polishes!! Yay!!
Aw that sounds so nice to have your best friend visiting, but I get you with the personal space. Some times you just need a few hours of quality time with yourself ;)
I'm pretty good :) A good start to a new year! Not much has happened yet!

Jan 3, 2016

Jackie S.

Taylor!! How the heck are ya?! What have you been up to? Miss seeing you and your nails!

Jan 4, 2016

T K.

Jackie!! I am great!! How are you girl? My best friend is visiting from the states so I haven't had much time for my nails... You are too sweet :) I really appreciate your kind comment :)

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T K.

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About Me

I am just a girl who loves painting nails :)

Eye Color: Hazel
Complexion: Fair
Undertone: Neutral
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Texture: Normal


Do you take requests?

Absolutely! Just let me know what you would like to see me create, and I will try and get it done soon! I try and get them done as soon as possible, but I have a blog I have to maintain with certain designs, and they are the priority right now :) But I will definitely give your suggestion a try!

How do I prevent chipping?

Ok so before I begin, let me say that while my suggestions are based on experience and research, what works for me might not work for you necessarily.

First off, what polishes do you use? While cheap polishes like L.A. Colors are great for wanting a variety of colors without paying the price, they are of much lower quality than more expensive brands. You get what you pay for. But I find that with certain higher end polishes, you pay for the name not the formula. I personally find Essie and OPI to be overrated. I'd much rather buy a Zoya polish, which is the same price if not a bit cheaper.

Here is a ranking of brands based on longevity (In my opinion)

Zoya - I cannot express how much I love this polish. They are all super lasting, I own about 20 and each one seems to last longer than the one before.

Formula X- I own a few of these, and they last like nobody's business.

Nails Inc -I own 4 gel effect polishes, which yes last longer due to the fact it was created to mimic a gel manicure, but they are definitely worth looking into.

Loreal- I have a ton of loreal polishes, and they are pretty lasting. They can last for up to a week with a good top coat.

Sally Hansen - I love sally hansen's complete salon manicure line. These polishes are a complete manicure in just two coats, and that means they last.

I could add more, but I only own a few in those brands, and I don't feel like I can give a real understanding about the longevity based on just two polishes from the brand.

Secondly, do you use a base and top coat? I cannot stress how important these two steps are. With a good base and top coat, any polish will last, even ones from the dollar store. I recommend Essie all in one base coat and no chips ahead top coat. I know I said Essie was overrated, but I just meant their color polishes. I feel like Essie has a great treatment collection. If you want a matte finish, I recommend NYC Matte Me Crazy.
When applying a top coat, make sure to seal in the tip of your nail as well. This prevents shrinking as well as chipping.

Thirdly, are there oils or debris on your nails? One tip to make your mani last is to make sure your nails are thoroughly clean before beginning. Do you apply lotion or cuticle oil before you paint your nails? Continue applying those before hand, but use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol or nail polish remover and wipe your nails clean. This gives you a clean slate to work with. Anything on the nail prevents the polish from fully sticking to your nail, resulting in chips and peeling.

Last and certainly not least, take care of your nails. If you are doing dishes, wear gloves. Be mindful of your nails when washing your hair. These small things could be ruining your mani, so just be mindful what you are doing with your hands and you will be good!