Beauty Product Reviews

Great primer and a great price

I think I've tried every primer on the market. My skin is very oily in the t zone and dry everywhere else; super convenient. This product glides over rough patches, fills in pores and really keeps oils at bay. I wouldn't say you'll be shine free all day but I get a good 6 hours without touch ups. After that, I choose to embrace the shine through.

A gift from above

I have thick, coarse, curly hair. Basically a brush's nightmare. I heard reviews about this and couldn't believe that anything would rake through my mop. I was wrong. The coated bristles seriously glide through tangles with tugging and pulling out my hair from the root. I lose much less hair using this brush and cannt fathom another day without it.

Color that can take on even the darkest brows

I have to say I was skeptical about this one. My brows are almost black so using colors on my brows normally takes about a metric ton of stick glue and concealer to get any amount of opacity. Along came Hyper Color powders. Uh-mazing. The color is true to pan. It is bright and vibrant and adds real opacity even to darker than dark brows. Fall out was minimal (which also surprised me) and staying power when paired with a brow wax was hours (as in, it comes off when you wash it off). Love this product and will go back for more colors.

Serious punch of color

Concrete Minerals pigments are all amazing but this color is ahead of the pack. This is a matte pigment that doesn't have a hint of chalkiness. And unlike many mattes, it blends very easily. The color itself is bright and vibrant. I have had great success packing and blending this product on a base. It lasts all day and all night. This is a must have color for anyone's collection and a good place to start if you are new to the line.