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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powder


Crystal G.
works great even on dark hair!

Lasted the entire day and washes completely off with shampoo! I used the purple, pink and the mega watt green. highly recommended and it's a decent price $12 bucks each

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Kiki C.
Color that can take on even the darkest brows

I have to say I was skeptical about this one. My brows are almost black so using colors on my brows normally takes about a metric ton of stick glue and concealer to get any amount of opacity. Along came Hyper Color powders. Uh-mazing. The color is true to pan. It is bright and vibrant and adds real opacity even to darker than dark brows. Fall out was minimal (which also surprised me) and staying power when paired with a brow wax was hours (as in, it comes off when you wash it off). Love this product and will go back for more colors.

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Inesha B.

I bought this product at ulta in January for my little sister (She's 3) to put pink streaks in her hair for our trip to Disney the colors are true to color and so easy to apply, it last a long time and wash out is fairly easy, this product great for temporary easy color for all ages

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Tasia G.
Perfect brow-filler!
Tasia G.'s Review Image

I've been dying my hair red for years, constantly trying to find the perfect bold red brow product. Before discovering this miracle product, I was using Sugarpill's Love+ shadow, and it looked nice, but it just didn't attach to the hair the same way this brow powder does. It's long-lasting, and it doesn't stain my eyebrows. I will definitely buy this product again, and recommend it to anybody looking to go bold!

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Kenzie L.
Very fun!
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I have darkish hair, and I can't dye it any fun colors, unfortunately. This showed up so well on my hair! It then washed out very easily in the shower. I've also used it on my brows, and it lasted until I took it off that night. I really like this stuff!

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Sharon Y.
AMAZING 2 in 1 Product!!!! Must HAVE!!!

I recently just purchased this product from Beautylish couple of weeks ago. I first tried it out yesterday when I filmed my tutorial on my youtube channel for a contest entry for NYX Face Awards 2013. AND LET ME TELL YOU!!! Not only do I LOVE the color pay off, I also used this on my brows and you can also use it as an eye shadow! It's so rich and pigmented and so velvet-y! I love it SO much!!!! On top of that, it washes off very well! If you want to see how it looks like, please watch my video! I'm using Electric Blue, Teal Tornado, In the Pink, and Ultra Violet on my hair. On my brows, I'm using In the Pink and Ultra Violet.

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Amanda R.
Shows Up!

This color actually shows up on my dark hair! I was a bit worried it wouldn't and since all the testers were gone at ULTA I took a chance. It is a bit messy when applying it, but nothing gloves and a smock won't fix. Once hairspray is applied there are no worries of the color bleeding. However, I wouldn't dance in the rain with it.

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Ashley V.

I ordered the HyperColor powder in pink and teal. I was so excited when I received it in the mail that the next day I had to try it! I read the Beautylish article on it and it said it worked great on dark hair colors too. My hair is back to black right now so I wasn't expecting popping color from it but I was expecting it to be noticeable. Here's the breakdown... It's extremely messy. On the instructions it suggested a towel and gloves when using this product. The towel I used but I didn't have any gloves. My hands were stained pink and I got pink powder everywhere, even with the towel. That's OK, I'm use to getting my hands messy and the powder does not stain. That's a plus. It goes on strong and first I was super impressed. Finally!!!! A hair powder that will show!!! But then the instructions say set with a hairspray. I did and noticed that it started fading and bleeding away. It didn't even last me 5 minutes. It looked faint and I have to be in the bright sunlight for it to show a little. Not only did it bleed on the hair but also my forehead because I have bangs and on my clothes. It left a pink stain on the back of my favorite jacket, which pissed me off. The only reason I'm giving this product two and a half stars, which is pretty nice coming from what I've been through, was that it does work well on eyebrows. I will get this product again when I have my hair pink or purple so my eyebrows can match but I will NEVER EVER use this on my hair AGAIN! Bottom line: If you have a dark hair color and want some colorful streaks that actually show... just dye it.

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Heather D.

I use this to match my eyebrows with my hair and LOVE using the Pink hair chalk. Watch out though, as others said this stuff stains pretty easily. Overall I love it and can't wait to buy more shades!

Bibi W.

I wanted to purchase this product but I do not live in the USA. Do you have internationnal shipping? I also wanted the teal tornado and other one.