Beauty Product Reviews

My to go foundation

My favorite foundation, alot really donot like the smell of the foundation but it doesn't bother me one bit I don't let it get to me as long as it does its job. Okay so let's talk about the shades there's barely and yellow on certain shades my first foundation I tried was warm golden that foundation had a peach undertone the shade matched but the undertone was off, it's good on coverage but to apply this foundation with a brush makes a cakey look literally I then saw a foundation sponge being sold my cvs essence of beauty blender sponge it makes the foundation look beautiful :D. The foundation can last up to 8 hours that's with blotting and on its own about 5 hours it could hold up to high humidity but your sweat will literally start showing threw. The only thing revlon should probably do is add more yellow for golden complexions and this foundation will be perfect but for now I half to mix my foundation golden beige and caramel together to get my match I'm oily combination

It's okay but not my favorite

So I received this as a Christmas gift 2years ago barely this year I started using it, quality wise one swipe is not inofe you literally half to dig a little more to get the full pigmentation, which I hate abusing my makeup I barely started using this palette maybe 10times and the eyeshadow is almost about to hit pan. Some eyeshadows are chalky and when I do swatches little chunks come out :/ not cool at all, it's good for a affordable pallete but my personal reference I wouldn't purchase I'm glad I got this as a gift. My only complaint is some can me chalky like the satin eyeshadow and the ones that have shimmer are a little more buttery in texture.

It's good

Okay so this foundation is very popular but is it worth the most well I am not always sure on splurging but it doesn't hurt either to try new things, I have combination skin so I do tend to get oily after 10mins, I ordered mine online so my shade was off when I ordered it I was a tad darker now my foundation fits perfectly. I don't think I recommend for summer because it is a dewy foundation and it will show more shine, the foundation doesn't oxidize or move during the time I'm out, but it is good mixed with a foundation that is matte I mix my foundation with Revlon colorstay caramel for combination skin and both together is beautifully. All I can say is I will repurchase it the foundation has great pigmentation it's medium to full coverage but I sure will love it more when it's winter.

Great quality

This was my first purchase from sephora I love my pallete all the shades are pigmented very good buttery feel to them, my to go looks is mostly toasted with buck in the crease and a orange red eyeshadow as a transition color with my eyeliner. You will not be disappointed unless your not into shimmer eyeshadows I don't recommend but if you are wealing to try it is perfect I used it on fair medium to tan and nc45 skin complexions, and they all look beautiful with it I believe it's worth the 50bucks I've had mine for 2years and it's still full I lightly use my eyeshadows because with one swipe you get a good amount.

Definitely Repurchasing

To start of I was skeptical always, about spending 25 dollars on a mascara when a drugstore mascara does good for half the price. I was getting annoyed that I will explore every drugstore mascara and the only thing it did just made them look spidery :/. Well not for my like so one day my hubby surprised me here's your sephora box hehe got you a good mixture of samples, oh okay I was soooo happy I opened and right away I got benefits there real sample mascara omg I tried it on instantly, my eyelashes are already kinda long in thick, but once I started applying you can see how beautifully it starts applying to the lashes I used three coats, but you have to go in with a clean mascara wand to take off the clumping and omg my lashes were soooo long it didn't look like I ever needed false again once I'm finished I'm buying the big one.

Amazing will repurchase

The shade is a little to light for. My liking but once combined mixed you get the best coverage blends wonderful not greasy, best selection of colors for every women for me is thumbs up the this concealer duo. I walk in humid and it last all day for me I'm out for six hours and with my foundation it barely gets dewy I believe this is far the best but I hardly have scaring or acne just blemishes. But for this amazing quality and staying power I will repurchase again and different shades :).