Beauty Product Reviews

Love/Hate Relationship

I really wanted to like this but it seems to only work when it feels like it. On some days its a great hairspray for when I curl my hair and keeps it soft and curls in place. But most days my curls just end up falling in a few hours, my hair is frizzy, stiff and looks as dry as the Sahara. Then it becomes a pain to brush out.


Best lip balm I've ever used. And its so dirt cheap. I've been using Carmex for a few years now. I've tried a lot of lip balms but nothing rescues my lips better than this. My bottom lip in particular tends to get very dry. It will get really chapped, flaky, crack and sometimes bleed. This is the only thing that helps when my lips are really going through hell. No matter what. And when my lips are fine it keeps them soft. I always loved the original formula but I love the Cherry even more. It has much less of that strong, medicated smell the original has and the SPF 15 is a big bonus for me. I'm never out of this.

Didn't Live Up To My Expectations.

I had so much hope in this and really wanted to like it. First I couldn't get my shade right. I bought Medium/Deep first, and it was too dark. I went back and exchanged it for Medium, which was too light. And even mixing them together didn't work. There also isn't a lot of product in the tube.

Did Nothing But Dry Out My Hair.

I shouldn't be surprised considering it was only $3. This is just alcohol and glitter in my opinion. No matter how much I sprayed I never received any shine. And over just a few days all it ended up doing was drying out my hair. I tossed the remaining product down the sink and kept the spray bottle.

Does What It Claims

This was my first cleanser from Olay. I love the dual formula, it has gentle exfoliation. I will say it didn't foam up quite the way I expected, I found myself using 2 pumps of it for my face and neck. It does minimize your pores but only for a little while, right after the cleansing process. Eventually throughout the day my pores went back to their regular sizes. I LOVE the packaging and the airless pump. It makes it so easy to get every amount of cleanser out once it starts getting low.

Left Me Shiny

I appreciate the SPF 35 and the UVA/UVB protection but other then that (and the price) I didn't like this too much. Despite it supposedly being non-greasy, this leaves my skin shiny especially on my nose and cheeks. The consistency is like a lotion, the smell isn't all that great. Kind of has that sunscreen scent too it.

A Nice Gentle, Loving Cleanser

I will say this, don't be fooled by the name. It definitely isn't a true facial scrub. You can feel the Jojoba beads but they are very gentle. This is more along the lines of a cleanser/scrub. The smell is great. It feels velvety soft on the skin and almost a gel like consistency and a bit runny. I feel like the opening should be a bit smaller since you can sometimes using more then you really need. I wouldn't say it did a huge difference to my pores but it moisturized without making me any oilier.

Gave Me A Horrible Reaction.

I was really surprised at how my skin responded to this, since I've never had an issue with any other Neutrogena product before. And with it being 97% natural I didn't expect it. First it made my oily T-Zone 10x worse then it already is. I would put this on at night and wake up with my nose an oil slick. I would rub my hand down my nose and could see all the oil on my hand. Then every time I used it I would get red, almost acne like bumps on the tops of cheeks. Including redness, which I never get otherwise. I actually thought I was getting Rosacea because it matched the symptoms of a mild form of it. My skin also went through a brief dry spell, and this did nothing for the flakes I was getting. I had to keep re-applying it to keep them at bay. The only good thing I liked was the smell, it has a sweet scent to it that's not over powering. And on the areas of my face where I didn't have a reaction it actually firmed up quite nicely. But I've used cheaper drugstore creams that don't give me the problems this did.