Neutrogena Naturals

Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream


Mary Anne M.
Affordable, Rich, Long-Lasting, and Comfortable on Application

I've never needed night creams until I started wearing makeup and washing/rinsing my face every night, during which sometimes my skin's oils may have been stripped and it feels a tiny bit more taut, so I settled with this Neutrogena Naturals night cream since I loved their Purifying Pore Scrub.

This night cream comes in a 1.7oz (50ml) glass jar with a plastic screw cap, and the first thing I noticed upon opening is that the cream has a faint fragrance. Probably not a product of choice for those with sensitive or acneic skin. I occasionally break out in acne as well but it's never product-related; in fact, this has helped make my breakouts less frequent since remoisturizing right after cleansing seems to have helped regulate oil production.

I apply this with my fingers though some may opt for small spatulas for hygienic reasons. A small pea-sized amount of this dabbed in five dots around my face, patted on, and then rubbed in is sufficient moisture for my already combo-oily skin. I bought my jar in July so at the time of writing this I have been using that same jar for more than 2 months, and it's still about 70–80% full. A little goes a long way with this product, at least for the summer when I don't need it as much. During the winter, I may be using this much more since my skin is inevitably drier. That said, I project that this jar will last me about 7–8 months of use total; I don't understand how others are going through it in 2 weeks though!

The cream has a thin, emollient, lotion-like consistency that's easy to spread yet feels very rich. Although I have combo-oily skin, this doesn't feel greasy on or after application. When I wake up the next morning, my skin feels soft, supple, and refreshed, and my dark circles around my eyes seem to be less apparent as well. While this hasn't done anything to lighten my acne scars, it's gentle and doesn't irritate my skin or aggravate existing blemishes.

This is the third moisturizer product I have used for overnight, the first two being from Clinique—Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. While Clinique's products are fragrance-free (and can be used any time of day really), Moisture Surge is relatively expensive at $37/1.5oz. Dramatically Different is priced at $14/1.7oz, making it only $1 more than Neutrogena's $13 night cream (which by the way, can be brought down to $8 at Ulta with Ulta coupons and vendor coupons).

However, Neutrogena Naturals night cream is thicker in consistency and feels much richer, which I imagine is a treat for those with dry to normal skin or for those who experience dryness due to colder climates like I do. I may be trying different night creams once I finish this jar, but I can definitely say this was a good one even for those with slightly oily skin, and the price is fair for how long this product will last. I recommend this being applied right after cleansing the face in the evening to restore moisture immediately, using a minimal amount appropriate for your skin type (liberal application for dry skin, conservative application for oilier skin).

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Meg F.
Quite nice!

I've only had this for about a week and I'm enjoying it so far. It has not made me break out to my knowledge. However, it's that time of the month next week, so I already had a minor breakout. It has not worsened or irritated my sensitive-combo skin.

The cream is nice. I like that it is aiming to be "natural". I know it's not straight up organic, such as the coconut oil I had been using previously (and like quite much!), but it doesn't contain those nasty ingredients that most other products have. I use the matching make up remover+cleanser from this line and I'm on my 3rd bottle of it! My skin appears to love each of these products!

The cream itself is not greasy and it melts right into the skin. The smell is non-offensive. I just use the bit that has transferred on the lid and it is plenty to cover my whole face and neck. I don't have a problem with it being in a jar; I'm the only one using dipping my clean fingers in.

In the morning, I wake up to nicely hydrated skin and I'm quite pleased with it thus far. It has done what it claims to do as a night cream. I would buy again! I just love this natural line a lot!

Cat C.
Pretty good!

I've used this product almost every night for about two months and I really like it. It's very moisturizing and feels great. Once applied, for me at least, it feels kind of greasy but after a couple minutes it soaks into your skin and feels amazing. I love how it's all natural, inexpensive and packed with vitamins and nutrients. Way to go neutrogena!

Shanice J.
Gave Me A Horrible Reaction.

I was really surprised at how my skin responded to this, since I've never had an issue with any other Neutrogena product before. And with it being 97% natural I didn't expect it. First it made my oily T-Zone 10x worse then it already is. I would put this on at night and wake up with my nose an oil slick. I would rub my hand down my nose and could see all the oil on my hand. Then every time I used it I would get red, almost acne like bumps on the tops of cheeks. Including redness, which I never get otherwise. I actually thought I was getting Rosacea because it matched the symptoms of a mild form of it. My skin also went through a brief dry spell, and this did nothing for the flakes I was getting. I had to keep re-applying it to keep them at bay. The only good thing I liked was the smell, it has a sweet scent to it that's not over powering. And on the areas of my face where I didn't have a reaction it actually firmed up quite nicely. But I've used cheaper drugstore creams that don't give me the problems this did.