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Jan 28, 2016

Joyce J.

Hello, do you have want get a pair of sunglasses? free!!

Mar 10, 2015

Shanae J.

You should probably stop being so rude to people. I mean I respect your opinions and whatnot, but your comments of negativity need to come to a halt sweetheart. This site is full of beautiful women who respect one another, not a site to give out false information and comment rude things.

Feb 28, 2015

Shanae J.

I'm going to go ahead and delete your comment off of my picture, but I wanted you to see that I replied. Again, thanks for input but it was invalid! Maybe try complimenting people instead of questioning the way they do things, and then giving the wrong information, as that's kinda rude!

Feb 9, 2015

Raneen R.

Has anyone ever told you that with your brownish hair you look like Ariana Grande? AND I LOVE YOUR BLUE AND PURPLEY HAIR.

Feb 8, 2015

Kenna S.

Um..I'm sorry? Maybe I read your comment wrong but it seemed kind of rude..

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Amaris L.

Smile,You're Beautiful

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