Heal That Tatt! A Guide To Tattoo Aftercare


Photo: Hanna Beth

So, you decided to bite the bullet and get yourself that new tatt you’ve been talking about for the last four years. Think your job is done? Think again! Tattoos require proper after care to ensure they not only heal properly, but that the healing process is as pain-free as possible. Here are three post-tattoo DO’s to keep in mind over the weeks that follow your ink session.

DO keep your new tattoo clean.

A super fresh tattoo looks amazing but the trail of needle-prick wounds that make up the design are a breeding ground for bacteria—yuck! Opt for cleansing twice a day with tepid water and a mild cleanser such as Derm Ink Tattoo Cleansing Soap which is fragrance free, paraben free, allergen free and pH balanced to match that of the skin so cleaning the area is easy, even if you’re still super sore. Simply massage a small drop into each section of the tattoo—be careful not to rub or scratch. Rinse with water and dab dry with a clean, dry towel. 

DO moisturize through the healing process

Healing a tattoo takes longer than you think, and watching your artwork scab over after several days can be an unpleasant surprise. Healing skin can become dry and crack if you don’t take care to keep it hydrated. We like Derm Ink Tattoo Balm which keeps our tatts moist and protects with the ingredient Algisium—an organic derivative of silicon. Applying a fragrance-free balm several times a day for the first two weeks of your tattoo will ensure minimal scarring and maximum results.

DO stay out of the sun

A little sun feels great on the rest of your skin, but when it hits a new tattoo, the sting will make you want to hide indoors until you’re fully healed up. Cover up on sunny days (yes even cold ones) with loose clothing that won’t rub or scratch your healing skin. Healing a new tattoo can take up to 3 weeks but the right care will ensure you don’t land up back in the chair anytime soon, unless of course, you’re already planning your next design.

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