Beauty Product Reviews

It’s an interchangeable !

Many of you have complained about the change of weight/gram on palette. First of all, someone failed to mention that this palette has holes at the bottom. It’s for deplotting! You can use a paperclip insert thru the holes at the bottom to remove a shadow pot. To replace it with a refill or a new color. For the price, we don’t throw out the entire pan with a mirror! We can keep recycling! See photos. I had to ask ND for a confirmation. So please get FACTS straight before spreading untrue facts.

The best!!

I struggle finding a best and gentle polish remover to remove glitter mess for years. I came across this product; BAM! I'm truly impressed with the quickest way to remove glittlers under 30 seconds. It made my cuticles fresh and non-drying. It kept my nail beds healthy and yellow free.