Beauty Product Reviews

The product has the potential of becoming more than average if I actually had an accurate shade of this product.

I have noticed that it is a great and lightweight base that evens out the skin tone, but a concealer is clearly a requirement.


I stumbled upon this product from watching the famous Lisa Eldridgeas as she teaches those interested on covering one's own pesky blemishes on her Youtube channel. Discovering the $30 price tag, I was willing to determine this unfamiliar (I was unaware of the Vichy brand until the video) foundation's performance. After purchasing the product and removing the sticker, I've applied it to my cheeks where I currently have several blemishes due to hormonal reasons.

It's been at least a month since my purchase and I admit that this product, although once unknown, is now in my monthly favourite. It's ability to conceal even the ugliest blemishes while avoiding the cakey look is amazing. A minuscule amount of the product is enough to perfectly conceal a portion of the face.


I have a vast list of reasons as to why I was so aggravated by this foundation. I was under the pretense that this foundation would create a flawless base while still maintaining the skin's highs and lows to show through with it's lightweight pigments, but it's promising task of doing so was a failure. The formula itself is exceedingly runny; I made the mistake of thinking otherwise and accidentally spilling a lot of the foundation on the back of my palm. It really doesn't help create this natural base, i just found myself with a mask on after applying and the finish is too dewy. I repeat, I am unimpressed.


This was my first ever primer and I was not happy about it. The product is terrible, it didn't really help create a smooth surface on my skin, and when I would apply it, the product would just roll off and create these weird pink stuff? (similar to eraser sheddings). Maybe, I was applying too much, but nevertheless, I wasted $14 since I live in Canada and cosmetics is expensive in my province.