Beauty Product Reviews

Gorgeous creams!

If you're into cream shadows, these are a must have. I've got Jean, Mona Lisa, and Marie Antoinette, and to be honest, even if she brings out a ton more colors, I'll probably buy them all. They are very gel like and don't leave a thick noticeable texture on the lids, they don't drag when you apply them. The sheen and shimmer of them is very much evident of a luxury product, and if you apply a tiny bit of primer or powder to the lids before the shadow they can stay for 8 hours or so without creasing.

Volume, no flaking or smudging.

I'm really picky about mascara, and a lot of big names have failed to live up to their hype. This one actually did. It's a thicker formula, but doesn't clump at all. Instead, it gives an even coat that gives more volume and doesn't end up all over my eye area, even in high temperatures.

Great shades and textures.

I didn't want to like these. I'm a makeup artist, and these small quads are something I have to carry around in my kit instead of one large pro palette. So, I tested these and was initially ambivalent. Tried them on yesterday, and fell in love with this palette on my brown eyes - I met Charlotte, and this was the look she told me to try. And she wasn't wrong! Texture reminds me of the Tom Ford shadows, very buttery and blend able, no fallout. I may end up having to buy more.

Sheer and natural looking

This is a cream blush, but goes on beautifully sheer - gives a light wash of color. It's also reassuring to know that this line is mostly natural and contains no shady ingredients.

Violet is great on green or brown eyes!

I initially bought this pencil in black, and liked it so much that I went back for the Verushka Mink, Barbarella Brown, and Elizabeth Violet. I tested the violet out and it stayed all day with minimal movement over the course of a 90+ degree day and some humidity. That's pretty darn impressive for a Kohl pencil, if you ask me. With that said, I did use a tiny bit of powder in the area around the eyes, which may help minimize the pencil smudging/sliding.

Two shades in one, very flattering combo.

I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical of this blush before it arrived. The colors looked pretty, but what made these special? I tried it, I love it, and I still can't tell you exactly why it's so good, but it is. Maybe it's the perfectly complementary dual shades, but Love Glow really impresses me with how lovely it looks every time I use it.

Pretty, but it highlights pores.

I'm going to have to agree with Elba's review, I'm afraid. I was really excited to try this product initially, and when I was paring down my list of what to try last year when I ordered from the UK, this was a must-try. I was so disappointed by the fact that it contained shimmer. 'Illuminating' products do sometimes contain shimmer, but because of the description I just wasn't expecting that here. Even under foundation, I felt like it made the larger pores on some areas of my face look more obvious, so now I only use it as a highlighter on the 'safe' areas.


I kinda feel like the lip and eye pencils might be the jewels in the CT brand crown, thanks to the great colors, not too soft / not too hard perfect consistency, and doing what they're supposed to do. I used The Classic for a project where I needed a liner that was going to stay without smearing and smudging through long days shooting on the beach, and this one pulled that off with no issues. <3

Love the results, but the scent is strong.

I bought this last year from the UK, and took some out of the big jar to try on my own skin for reference. It did an amazing job of moisturizing and plumping up the skin, but I was surprised by how obviously fragrant it was. I adore the scent and didn't have any kind of reaction, but I've had clients ask me not to use it on them due to the strong smell. It's a shame, because it's a lovely face cream and really does work well with makeup.

Just the right amount of shimmer, great colors.

First off, the compact itself is beautiful. Feels very retro, has some weight and quality to it. I hadn't realized that the bronzer had shimmer in it and was initially really bummed about that until I tried it. The shimmer is pretty much imperceptible, and the color really gave my pale MAC N1 - N2 bronzer hating skin a nice healthy tint. The highlight was very pretty, too. On the whole, a lot more than I expected from this item.