Beauty Product Reviews

Lancome took over as a favorite

Before Lancome, I was a fantatic over Fairy Drops Mascara, however Lancome brags as industry leader for a reason. I got a small Drama mascara as a sample in one of those Sephora promotions. I loved it so much I went back and purchased the full size. I have put my sister and a friend on to this mascara and they have not looked back since.

Love and Life, The MUFE 170 Beauty Enthusiast! PhillyzJamPoet on YouTube

Top 3 of Highlighters

If you get this jar you have an amazing supply of glamour in a container. This is not a product for the heavy handed, however it is gorgeous and goes a long way. It has such an amazing hollywood luster to it you can't help but feel like a million bucks with it on. The container can lead to a lot of oopsies, so be careful when handling it and try no to travel with it. I can imagine if your purse or luggage was "Glam Bombed" you would not be a happy camper. It is well with the money!

The picture is the highlight swept across the cheekbone.

Love and Life, The MUFE 170 Beauty Enthusiast! PhillyzJamPoet on YouTube

You cannot go wrong with these blushes!

The color array is gorgeous!!! It took my getting a makeover and falling in love with "Frisky" before I ended up with Buff, Amused, Blushing Bride, Flush, Amused... - Natural Beauty was the last I added to my collection and it has such a beautiful hue that assists in bringing our your features in a very nice "I'm naturally blushing because I am the girl next door" look. I love to use this with Too Faced Candlelight Glow. For reference, I am a MUFE 170 shade.

DIM and Radiant Light for a MUFE 170 Girl!

I am a fanatic over filtering and lights and it was pretty hard to make me a believer that a finishing powder can mimic the effects of having your own lighting crew or the types of filters you place on pictures to look better. I was shown this in Sephora and came home to look at reviews. I had the hardest time determining the shade. I was sold on Radiant. You could swipe it in the pan and fall in love with the color, however the others, you are just not sure how they are going to perform. Dim really makes my face and foundation look amazingly flawless!