Beauty Product Reviews

I look younger than I am with it!

I have been using this face cream for years. I am in my later 20s and people still believe I am 19-20. I owe a lot to this face cream. It is perfect for my dry/oily skin. It isn't too thick, and it hydrates perfectly. My skin feels very soft and I have no signs of aging. Using the repair c and the essence with this I noticed my skin has a natural JLo glow to it.

I love it and I hate it

The product goes on initially amazing, but with in 30 mins it looks like a hot mess on my slightly oily skin. It is amazing for those with dry or normal skin. Oily skin, be warned.


I have combination skin with oil/dryness and this did nothing for my dryness. I felt like I had to reapply it through out the day to keep my skin hydrated.

Best all time perfume

I get so many compliments for this perfume. It starts out fresh but on me it warms up to a very subtle sweet smell. One some people I have notice the smell just vanishes.


I have been buying nail polish nonstop recently from cheap ones and expensive ones and by far this is the best out there. The brush makes application a breeze, even for a novice like myself. One coat at the color is already very vivid. Did I mention the staying power it has? My manicures generally only last for a day or two, but with this polish it doesn't chip for days. Don't let the price fool you. This is better than most of the other nail polishes out there. Another huge plus is it dries quick.