Beauty Product Reviews

Amazing product

I got this as part of a gift for my mom & one for myself. I have to say that it made my lashes huge. Now on to my mom. She loved it so much that as soon as she used it she sent me a text thanking me for the awesome gift & that she absolutely LOVES this. The next time I saw her, her lashes were yelling BOOM, when they used to just say hello. That's an odd way to describe it, but she has smaller lashes & that's the best way I can describe it right now lol. They were very full & much longer than usual. Since my lashes are rather long & bountiful already, I feel like it did a better job on her than with me, but I still love it as well. Highly recommend.

I love all 3 shades I've bought.

I bought 3 of these when I was just starting to like red lips. I got Flame, Gothic & the purpleish berry shade. I don't remember what its called. Anyway, these can look a bit patchy. My solution? I get my ring finger a little bit wet, like 1 drop of water & use it to blend the shade & even it out. The result? Hours of fierce lip color. I'm not a big fan of the balm, but as something I keep in my purse, its very convenient. the only downside I can think of is that when i keep it in my purse as opposed to with the rest of my stash is that they tend to dry out quicker. Not a big deal as it is expected from any marker type product. I usually just take it out & store it upside down for a few days & its ready to go again. I'll be buying tons more soon.

Idk maybe I'm using it wrong?

So, I use this by applying it to my cuticle & wiping off after a few minutes. My cuticles are still there. At most, it softens them. I have tried leaving on a while longer, but its the same result each time. I'm fairly unimpressed, but I gave it a 2.5 because it softens them.

PROS : Goes on smooth, dries fast, really sparkly. CONS: Chips off when used alone(not so hard as nails), stained my nails Overall its not bad jusr needs base & top coats and its am excellent replacement for China Glaze Ruby Pumps :)