Mowgli C.

Location: North Utah

Improvise <3 Create <3 Inspire <3

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About Me

16 years old, training to become a model and makeup artist, no where near professional, just a dreamer trying to make things work. please, i know i look like a girl but i am actually a male.

Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Light
Undertone: Neutral
Skin Type: Sensitive
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: January 09
Age: 25



Mowgli, are you a girl or a boy? ANSWER: I AM A MALE. i love makeup, clothes, shoes, and other girly things, but I am a boy. I have also been told that i look like a girl, with my face shape and whatnot, but i promise i am NOT a female.

Mowgli, do you plan on going to beauty school? ANSWER: I don't actually care. i know how to use makeup, i know how to sanatize makeup, and thats all i need to know because i believe in improvising, creating, and inspiring. if i do go to beauty school, i do. if i don't, i don't.

Mowgli, what is your style? ANSWER: i dont have a style. my motto, in my headline, says: Improvise, Create, Inspire. i'll randomly get new makeup and clothes and create a new style with what i have. style is like a stereotype. my style ranges from stigmas like "preppy" and "emo" to "gangster" and "hipster". i dont believe in only having one set-in-stone style. Just be you, and you'll be beautiful.

Mowgli, what is your real name? ANSWER: you may call me Mowgli until i have met you in person and gotten comfortable with you. until then, dont even ask.