Beauty Product Reviews

Worst mascara ever!

This mascara is extremely thick and after multiple uses the brush becomes clumped up which results in clumpy eye lashes. If you're a one coat kind of girl I guess it's not too bad but I like 3 or 4 coats and this mascara doesn't work well with that tactic

Great mascara!

Very very very smooth. Most mascaras are thick and clump up when you apply a second and third coat. This mascara has a thin formula and doesn't clump. Easy application.

For dry skin!

I have had allergic reactions to almost very moisturizer out there. Even if they came from vegan or organic lines, I still had a reaction. I decided to try this and after one use my dry flakey skin became as smooth as a baby's butt!

Best makeup remover

Best makeup remover ever. You can use it for any kind of makeup (except lip stains) to remove makeup with ease. Definitely for sensitive skin because it doesn't cause a rash and doesn't burn