Beauty Product Reviews

Nice Iipstick

First of all, can we talk about the presentation of this lipstick - It's beautiful! The Burberry plaid is literally embossed on the lipstick. It's the definition of chic.

The formula itself is pretty creamy for a matte lipstick. The pigmentation is wonderful also. I feel like this can definitely dry out your lips if you aren't careful - be sure to use something like smiths rosebud salve before you apply this. Sometimes I even use it over for a shiny finish.

My Ride or Die

This is my absolute hands down favorite blush of all time. I've had it for a lonngggg time and I pretty much have not even made a dent in it because of the miniscule amount you need on your brush. It blends like a charm and looks beautiful.

Great Stuff

If you can get your hands on this red I highly recommend it. It lasts well and it really only takes one coat. I'm verrrry satisfied with this polish!

Insane Color Payoff

The color of this lipstick is INSANE- the most beautiful purple/cooltoned dark red color. I love to use this as a stain by sheering out the color, which is easy because it's so creamy. It's a little drying but not anywhere as bad as some lip products. My main complaint about this lipstick is the shape of the bullet - I hate that it's round! For a balm or something sheer it's fine - but this is not any of those, so I find it extremely difficult to apply straight from the bullet.

Blendable and Moisturizing

I really do like this foundation- It's blendable, creamy, and the perfect color for my very pale complextion. I do like that I can still see my freckles through, but really wish the formula itself was more buildable so I could have more coverage on red areas.

This is very expensive and I'm not sure if I'll purchase it again, but I don't regret buying this at all!