Rimmel London

Lasting Finish Professional Nail Polish


Katie B.
Great Stuff

If you can get your hands on this red I highly recommend it. It lasts well and it really only takes one coat. I'm verrrry satisfied with this polish!

Layelle E.

The best dark blue nailpolish I've ever worn!! Beautiful colour, great brush ! With a steady hand you're bound to stay in the lines ! Very happy with this one

Morgan C.
Decent Enough

I like the colors it comes in. I like the style of the brush. I found the formula to be a little too thick which took forever to dry. On its own it only lasted 2 days without chipping. Overall its an okay nail polish if you don't plan on getting too fancy with it...

Catherine T.
Just as good as OPI and Essie!

I love Rimmel's Nail Polishes! They have a wider brush and it doesn't take long to dry. Two coats will normally give its true color. I have about 4-5 polishes from Rimmel and I'm impressed! With the right top coat, it shouldn't chip for 2 weeks.

Cari B.
If you have trouble w/nail polish chipping.. this is great!

It goes on in this coats, I believe that really helps the staying power of course! But it DOES actually last for atleast a week and nothing..not even SHALLAC lasts on my nails for a week. Revlon Colorstay Polish is even better! But both are great!

Bama R.
Love it! Wearing it now :)

I love Steel Grey and Gold Silk. They are so pretty! I purchased the nail polishes about a month or two ago and I'm just now getting around to trying them out. I also have two other colors, burgundy flirt and hot chocolate. Currently, I am wearing Steel Grey. In the bottle it looks grey, but when applied it has more of a brownish-grey tone to it. It's a great fall color.

Holly B.
i dont like this...

i tried this polish last week but i think that the colour just looks really plain and boring and has nothing really good about the colour, i just think it looks kind of life less if you no what i mean. the quality is really good though i only used two coats and it dry fast but i really hate the colour.

ashley h.

i love rimmel's brushes! i only own steel grey but it's always my go to shade when i don't really want to do anything showy (i'm a waitress so if i do my nails all fancy, people can talk to me forever about them).

it's not streaky at all really & totally opaque in two coats. i notice when using a top coat, it lights the shade sliiightly, but not enough to make a huge deal about it!

i definitely need to invest in some of their other shades. i just wish my drugstores (or rimmel if it's them) had a better selection.

Itzayana C.

This is definitely my favourite polish right now! I bought it today in the shade Wild Orchid a pastel matte purple. This shade is so opaque that it goes on with one layer of polish!! I absolutely love it!! I also bought two other shades, Spice Romance and Sunset Orange but those arent as opaque as Wild Orchid, but the colours still pay of greatly! Pigmentation is great in these polishes.

Bebe E.

This lasted me a week and it did not streak at all. The applicator made it really easy to applied. And for the price the formula was pretty good. Steel grey is my favorite color nail polish of all of my polishes.