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Best purple ever

I love love Love this color. It is very unusual but still complements my skin tone and purple hair quite well. I always get nice comments when I wear it.

Great color

This was the first color lip tar that in bought and wow do I still love it. It's so super vibrant and stays for a while. I am older so I do have issues with feathering. If I use a lip primer or pencil it doesn't stray. Also the blogger Mai had a great tip of turning them into chubby pencils which does not feather at all.

just okay...Strong scent

I really liked this when I first got it but found that some of my brushes did not bounce back as I wanted them to. I felt like it left some film on them. The orange smell is nice but whoa is it strong. I do not recommend if you are sensitive to smells. I do like that it disinfects brushes and the mesh in the jar is helpful but I end up using soap and water in the long run. Oh well. It was worth a try.

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used as a blush

It is not as much as a punch of color as I wanted in an eyeshadow but it is wonderful as a highlighter with my blush. The pinks are pretty subtle and soft.

pretty taupe

I was not expecting the shadow to be as large as what it is. The color is great for a pale girl wanting to do a little contour or subtle brow enhancement. Because of my skin tone the color does not show up all that brilliantly but I do like it. I will be trying other colors eventually. The price really can't be beat.

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This stuff is really smooth a true gel. With that it can be a little tricky to apply if you are more used to a thicker gel or cream liner like the ones offered by MAC or Mabeylline. I found I had issues using an angled brush and needed to use a nice tiny round one. I found that I needed to apply two coats to get it super bright and long lasting. I found that one swipe was not enough and I managed to rub it off during my day. I do want to try other colors.

simply wonderful

I really like this oil. I got the free sample and was hooked. I have my friends and mom in love with it too. It really helps out my parched skin. My mom says she has not had issues with her sensitive rosacea prone skin. My friend has the worse skin reactions and has not had a single flair up. It is a simple oil, one purified ingredient, uncomplicated and works! The price is quite nice too. I was afraid of it being super expensive for how effective it is. I could not be happier. The only issue I had with it was the original packaging but that has been resolved recently. The new pump and cap prevent any leaks and mess. I will be purchasing this again and again.

wow this rocks

I really like this lipstick formulation. I got color 905 Brazen Berry after reading the editorial review of plum shades for the fall. It is smooth and silky and the color is BOLD.

simply beautiful

These lashes are quite beautiful and light. I had trouble applying them because the lash band is a thinner one and I kept getting it crooked. None the less they are light weight and have a barely there feeling to them but with plenty of impact. The short blue sprigs are quite lovely. I will be ordering these again.

Fun and slightly dramatic

These lashes are really fun and easy to apply. The lash strip base is thicker so applying glue is a breeze. They have a nice hint of blue to them which adds a subtle drama but not too much. They have that double take "wait those are blue!" effect. The thicker base can be a little stiff but holding them in a U shape while they dry fixes that. These are my second favorite lashes to wear and will be ordering more.

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