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Beauty Product Reviews

lasts through the day and easy to work with

I wear this mascara every day and I LOVE it. It was totally worth the 3 or something dolars it cost and I've gotten a lot of use out of it. If you see it buy it.

Really helpful on the go and at home. kind of oily. best removal wipes by far.

I LOVE these!!! A helpful tool if you are with friends or even just at home. I use these everyday. They work very well in removing all makeup easily. if you see this get it. Soo worth it!!

It was kind of expensive at $37.00 so I would not recommend it for somebody on a tight budget, but saying that I also really enjoyed this product even though I overspent a bit. It did not get cakey like some foundations and was very even against my skin. If somebody would like a similar foundation for a different price I would recommend heading over to your local CVS or Rite Aid and getting either Maybeline's Foaming foundation, or Clean by Covergirl. Both are inexpensive and work relatively the same.