Sugarpill Cosmetics

Feline Fancy Makeup Collection


Danielle C.
100% Vegan and Stunning Formula!

This is a truly stunning collection that is especially impressive considering that it is 100% vegan. Usually pink and red shadows contain carmine, but these shadows do not, and the formula is excellent! They are smooth, very pigmented, have no fallout, and wear beautifully on the eyes. Each shadow has a purpose and you can get a cohesive look without having to bring in any other shadows. The liquid lipstick is beautiful with a good amount of shimmer. It is made with the usual Sugarpill formula, so if you have Trinket or Kim Chi you will not be disappointed with Strange Love. Overall I'm really glad that I bought this set, and the box it comes in is absolutely adorable!

Sarah G.
Never fails to impress!

This is my third Sugarpill purchase and I have yet to be unimpressed with this brand. I will say this lipstick looks less red on the lips but it's because of the metallic tone of it, similar to metallic paint on a car. The formula of their lipsticks is so good. It stays but is also very thin on your lips and you can't really tell it's even there. The eyeshadows are very nice and I love Wink as a highlight. Kiss Kiss is perfect for the "heroine chic" look. I felt it was as great value for the price.

Krystal L.
Lovely themed set

The liquid lip is the real stunner for me. I thought I'd hate it because I'm not big on metallic lips but it looks really nice on my lips. It applies nicely, the color is very opaque and it lasts about 10 hours before I remove it and I need minimal touch ups. It also is not drying or flaky/crumbly. The palette is a little smaller than it seemed online but the pan sizes are good. The artwork is adorable and the shadows themselves perform awesome. I didn't notice any fading throughout the day. My only complaint is that I wish the darker reddish shade was a matte so I didn't have to grab another palette for a complete look.

desiree v.
I loved it!

My husband bought this for me as an anniversary gift and it's one of my favourite palettes ever! I love sugar pill. They have buttery smooth shadows that blend very nicely. And thank u to beauty lish for the fast shipping

Julia A.
I knew I'd love this

And I did. Super soft pigmented shadows. Blend like a dream. I actually used this palette for my whole face. I'm light enough that the blending shade works great as a bronzer & the lightest shade is the prettiest highlight. So pretty & the packaging is you die for.

Julia A.
Love this lil set

I gave it 4 stars because the lipstick, while pretty, just doesn't look good on me. But I love the shadows so much. Sure I have dupes but there's always something magical about Sugarpill. These shadows are quite pigmented and blend beautifully. I actually used the palette for my entire face and it worked great with my light/medium skin. The highlight color is especially gorgeous as a face highlight.

Christie E.
Adorable packaging

I bought this for the liquid lipstick, but the eyeshadow palette is much nicer than anticipated. The colors could be used as blushes and highlighters too. Sugarpill is always super cute. I am glad I was able to get this.

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Yx S.

I'll start by saying that the only reason I even bought this was for the art on the palette-and I am so glad that I did! Every single shade in this palette is beautiful, pigmented, easily blendable, multi-purposed and cohesive. I did not experience any fallout whatsoever. As for the liquid lipstick, it is singlehandedly the most beautifully formulated liquid lip that I own, metallic or otherwise. True-to-color, one-swipe pigmentation. The applicator has a divot in the center that adheres to the contours of the lips beautifully. Super long lasting, transfer proof and not drying or crusty on the lips whatsoever.

I am so impressed with the quality of this set and wish that it was not limited edition as I'd love to restock once I inevitably run out!

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Yara A.
favorite multi-use palette!

I use this palette as a face palette as well as an eyeshadow palette! it's stunning, creamy, and very beautiful.

the formula is phenomenal, just like everything else from sugar pill, and it isn't too stiff or pressed, but it isn't too soft so I don't have to worry about breaking :) the brush swatches the same as finger swatches for me, picks up enough product and the colour is true to pan! It is so blendable, pigmented, and beautiful pay off! I love SWAK, because it's my favourite colour in general :) I love me some coral! it's a pink duo chrome with a bit of orange shift/base. SP's eyeshadow formulas are definitely in my top 3 :) this is the first palette/pressed eyeshadow I try from them, and hope they make the colours permanent individually like they did with the edward scissor hands palette :)

Now onto the lipstick! THE COLOUR IS TO DIE FOR. the colour is stunning, unique, and shiny! (naturally like everything else from sugar pill ;D ) the formula is long wearing, non-patchy, very comfortable, no tackiness, and doesn't crack! honestly SP have my favourite formula in liquid lipsticks <3

if you're on the fence about getting it, definitely go for it! The beautiful, piece of art packaging, makes it even more valuable and worth the investment! <3

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Tina H.
Beautiful and blends well

I stinking love these colors and they blend almost effortlessly. Easy for a beginner. The lip shade is something in and of itself. Beautiful. Highly reccommend. Sugar pill is amazing stuff! The pink shade I couldn't see using as a blush because it has an orange shift but the highlighter shade did make a wonderful highlight on my cheeks. Love it!

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