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Aug 23, 2013

Michelle M.

No probs!:) and alex I'm using cat eyes: )

Jun 25, 2013

Claudia E.

Thanks for the follow, following you back!!

Jun 18, 2013

Michelle M.

awe thankss:)

Jun 18, 2013

Laura N.

You have thee most beautiful eyessss <33.

May 30, 2013

Eydís G.

Hey Michelle! I'm just responding to your question here! not sure if you'll see it on my page anywhoo! "I have acne prone skin..what is some make up that won't make me break out? also any tips on facial scrubs that will help with acne? thanks:)" If you have acne prone skin it might be because your skin over produces oils and its the bodies way of trying to push it out sometimes, I know some people with this issue some of them just don't take care of their skin or some change their routines too often, Moisturizing is so important even though you might think well my skin produces too much oil, moisturizing helps control it. I'm a firm believer in the more natural the better, and cheap is always good too! So I pretty much make my own scrubs and cleansers since I hate the chemicals personally. So for my cleanser coconut oil, moisturizer too and I use dermalogica a lot as well, but for a scrub add a bit of baking soda with the coconut oil and add a bit of extra virgin olive oil to the mixture have it like a creamy paste consistency and try that out! its worth a try and most likely its in your kitchen. The Coconut oil you should be using it the same as the cooking one the Virgin Coconut oil unprocessed nothing but the goodness! Message me if you have any other questions hun! Here to help!

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Michelle M.

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