Overnight Clearing Gel


Melissa F.

I really love this Medibac line from Dermalogica. The overnight clearing gel helps to clear up my breakouts overnight without causing my skin to dry out. It doesn't itch like a lot of products do. When I ran out of the travel size, I noticed my skin did feel as soft. So, I finally invested in the bigger size because it is worth the price.

Tania A.

The thing I love most about this product is that it ain't drying at all. If you have sensitive skin, it is a must for getting rids of your pimples. A bit expensive (in France at least) but totally worth the splurge.

Inspired Artistry L.
a blackhead must

Once you stop using the product you notice how much this little bottle of a miracle works. 2% salicylic works overnight to get in those pores and clean out all the dead skin cells, and old sebum (oil). This also has hylauronic acid in it, which is something your body makes naturally to hold moisture in the skin, therefore this product is not over drying and perfect for a more sensitive skin or a skin with a compromised barrier function (sun damage, ect.) I am a dermalogica specialist, so if you have any question from any of the products, contact me.

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Becca T.

I worked with this product at school and it is amazing!! I break out occasionally and whenever I put this on at night by the next morning they are out of sight. It's very light weight and super silky feeling on the skin.

kelcie J.

LOVE THIS! this is an amazing product. I bought it with my ultra calming kit. It makes my pimples go away (literally) overnight. It goes on smooth, and it's not heavy at all! I use it as a night spot treatment. It doesn't have too strong of a smell either! I recommend this product to anybody who has super stubborn pimples!

Emily R.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! This is probably the one Dermalongica product that I can not live with out! The product goes on smoothly and thin so my face doesn't feel trapped under heavy product, and you only need a very small amount. (about a dime size drop). I have a 1 oz bottle of this stuff and I've had it for 4 months now and it's still going. The product has a nice relaxing lavender smell. In the morning my face feels toned and soft.

Valencia F.
My Pimple's Worst Enemy

The Salicylic Acid is what does the trick in this treatment. One of the best healers on the market for overnight relief of breakouts. This product is part of Dermalogica's MediBac Clearing line which targets aceneic skin.

After I've cleansed, toned and moisturized my skin I dab this on to the area of the breakout or future breakout. I then cut a cotton round in half and tape it to that area (as to not disturb the treatment as I sleep). In the morning I simply remove the tape and cotton round half, cleanse and moisturize. I follow up with the Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier for extra reassurance that the breakout is gone.

Casey S.

I only had the little trial size of this so I didn't get to use it very long, but I liked this a lot. I will probably be buying the full size very soon! For now I have replaced it with ELF's Zit Zapper which is fine but this does a better job.

Be J.

i love this product it does just wat it says by clearing up the problem area they are either gone or on their way to be gone so yes i'm sayin that i love love love love love love this product