Beauty Product Reviews

Lovely Texture and Soothing

My vanity is filled with samples and in-haste purchases of tinted moisturizers, sunscreens and anything I can put on my face with SPF 30+. Everything I have tried ultimately feels like a greasy mess slicked across summer blackheads.

The price for this sunscreen is high, but it is the first one I have tried that feels like a moisturizer. Has the consistency of Greek yogurt and a very very faint fragrance. And the sun protecting 50+ actually does what it should do! I actually think of it as a primer, and it lasts all day for me. For someone whose skin is so reactive and rosacea prone as mine, this one is a keeper. A close 2nd would be Cane+Austin 50+, but that too is a bit greasy for me.

My skin is happy and I would definitely purchase this again. Since the price is high, I only use it on my face and neck. Cane+Austin for backup, and MD Solar Sciences for the rest of my body :)

mama didnt lie

always put this stuff before bed at night, and before you even think of putting on any primers or lip rouge. the lines on my lips have diminished almost entirely.

good for all over

I use this before shaving my legs (in addition to prepping my skin for a shoot). feels great and I have the most sensitive rosacea prone skin. I was surprised Bliss had something that didn't turn my face into a tomato :P

like spackle

color was either too olive or too fair and rosey. the texture is just too thick and gooey. I miss the original Dior snow bb cream. I'll stick with my Korean brands.