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Mar 11, 2013

Amani T.

Can you give me some tips on growing natural hair.

Mar 13, 2013

Latisha H.

Hey Amani!
1. Ok the first thing to growing natural hair is to get rid of the damaged parts. If you've had your hair permed or heat treated then you most likely have some damaged hair, so a good trim is first. And trim hair often to steer clear of split ends.

2. Avoid heat as much s possible, If you're used to heat this is going to be difficult but it's necessary. Also, your hair loves water, so don't be afraid to wash it often. Don't brush hair when wet though because that causes damage. If you must, use a wide teeth comb to comb through hair.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals.

4. Be gentle with your hair, and use a good deep conditioner (I used olive oil based conditioners, you can also do an olive oil treatment every week which involves heating up some olive oil in the microwave and then massaging it into hair and wash out the next day.)

5. Wash hair with cold water to make sure you don't dry out hair and it cold will relax your follicles)

6. Moisturize! Always moisturize! I used cream based moisturizers on top of oil based products. I use olive oil cream moisturizer, argan oil (cream and oil), I sometimes use coconut oil and you can look for avocado oil which is wonderful in hair. Olive oil is my best friend however so I mainly use products with olive oil in it.

7. Sleep with a hair cap (silk). It's best not to sleep with hair exposed on cotton pillow covers because they tend to suck the moisture out of your hair.

8. Don't put too much stress on your hair. Allow your hair to breathe often and try not to do too much tight and pulling styles because it can damage the roots.

9. Drink lots of water and eat healthy!

If there's anything you want to know feel free to message me anytime :)

Feb 28, 2013

Ceelo D.

You are so pretty and I <3 your name.

Mar 01, 2013

Latisha H.

Thank you <3

Feb 23, 2013

Latisha H.

@Bianca O. lol yes I'm pretty much obsessed with them xD

Feb 23, 2013

Bianca O.

Ommggg did I find another panda lover?? :-)

Feb 21, 2013

Dana K.

Thanks for following! Be sure to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on all my newest looks and tutorials! :)

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