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Yes it has a cute shape and all, but it can't fit in pockets well and it gets dirty fast. it's such an awkward shape that it rolls around in my purse and gets everything stuck in it. I used to drop it in class all the time because it would just roll right off. everybody wonders what it is. Smells good but...meh.

My first Mosaic

I needed a new blush instead of my bronzer. I thought i would try something different. I finally understand mosaics. I can make any combination with this! I love it! It is like I am trying four different sample colors in one! I will buy again! :)

Worth a try

Got this today at Ulta, wanted to try out a new color. Got Nyx tinted balm and didnt have much color so I tried Palladio in a darker red that will show a color! I like it, Its a little shiny just because it is a balm. I could get used to it :)

Not super moisturizing

It doesn't have anything "bad" in it I know. Its very light. You have to use a bigger amount for it to feel like something happened. It does make your hair smell great, but I'm over that by now. Same with the matching shampoo. You need to use more of it. I tried it, that was my main goal, when this ones gone i'll just have to try something new :)

Used it for first time today

Got this at Ulta today. I returned a Lorac eyebrow pencil because I had a few scars I wanted to cover up better. I wanted to try Nyx brand i was hoping the wax would stick better. I don't expect it to be the best damned thing for me. I bought it as an experimental situation. The price was right. i wanted to try something different instead of pencil. I liked the spool it came with.

Soft on the lips!

Hello, I stopped at Ulta and decided to try this out because it they were on sale :) I tried out a nude color with a little pink undertone, didn't catch the name. Its alright. The color doesn't stay , not a matte color more smooth and shimmery. Glossy almost. I'm thinking now I should have gone with a more louder color because then maybe it would have more of a color definition. I like it. I love the little package it comes in. its smooth. I would buy more :)


Hello! I just bought this one today in Brunette. I picked this one out because at Ulta there were a few different brands of brow liner but this one was a good weight, it could be sharpened and it was smooth and stayed on my hand. I tried it at home right away and holy creamy! this is the most expensive quality browliner and I do mine everyday. My eyebrows didnt know what to think, It is waxy and gets on the hairs, so THERE IS a purpose for the attached brush it stays, keeps them polished. It does make a difference.

What a brush!

It really does have full coverage in one stroke! I loved the color also what a wonderful blue! :o I would buy more just for the brush. The color is dry. It flakes quick, I used with the clear coat in the same brand. Combination was horrible together. I just tried out a different top/bottom coat. We'll see how it works! :)

No regrets in trying it out

Been looking for more natural alternatives for myself, and This is said it was from Burt Bees so i thought id try it. It didn't have parabens and dyes in it, My hair smelled noticeably better but i needed to wash it again after a day or two. It was alright. Nothing too spectacular.

Works well but highly fragrenced.

Stayed on, worked well, sooth skin and no irritation. The problem I had with it was that I smelled like a baby! Too strong of the scent. If I were to smell like something I would rather not have it as my deodorant. I'll give it an average, buy another scent.

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