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Beauty Product Reviews


This mascara is great!! It give you length and volume. It last long and doesn't clump. I love this mascara! Definetly one of my favorites! I always have a mini travel one with me. Absolutely a must have.


I love this lip stain. It works so well and is super easy to use!! Sort of expensive but it's worth it because It lasts a long time. The only downside is how many coats you have to put on to get a red color. But still the best lip stain I've tried

Love it

I absolutely love this highlighter! I got a free one once as a sample and I loved it. It's works so well and last a long time! Very easy to use and not very expensive 👌


I personally hate this product! It works very bad for me. It makes my skin look very oily and looks like my skin is thick! I wastes my money on this. I recommend a stippiling brush!!