Beauty Product Reviews

Do not get this as a setting spray if you have oily skin! I learned that the hard way. What I like to do with it is spray this on my face or my brush before I apply foundation and it helps blend it in so much more easier and flawlessly.

Not a fan

I was really excited to get this foundation since I have extremely oily skin. I was disappointed because it did not keep my face matte. It also made my skin look very dull, which I expected since it was matte, however it just made my face look flat.

Natural look

I love that this blush can look super natural or a little more dramatic if you put more than usual. The only thing is that I'm not super sure how to use it, or generally apply it (main reason I only use powder blush). I do think there are better blushes out there, but this one is still good. Oh and it stays on when you go swimming!

By far my favorite!

The MAC line of powder blushes are just the BEST. They definitely are high quality. My favorite shade is Melba! What i love the most about them is that they last all day, I don't have to retouch at all! I've had mine for almost a year and I still haven't hit pan- and I use it everyday!

Not good

After reading the reviews here I was so excited to try this product out, especially since I love Revlon. Once I got it, I was so disappointed, It creased under my eyes and it did not cover. It just made my undereye area look like a big cakey mess. Maybe it didnt conceal good enough for me because I have super dark circles, idk. I still use it though on any blemishes, but other than that, a huge miss.

Don't care for it

I was so excited to try this mascara, but I was so disappointed! I truly did not like this mascara since it would always flake :( It also did not do anything special, didn't lenghthen, volumize, nada.