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"Asian BB Creams are the best." Yes, we've heard that. However, we are not in Asia and sometimes people can't get their hands on them because of the shipping prices and what not. So, we have Too Faced! This one is definitely the best of al the ones I have tried, and I've tried quite a few. It is better than the drug-store brand ones and even better than some high-end ones. Even the price is reasonable for being a more expensive product! It gives an even coverage and actually provides some type of coverage. It feels good on the skin and leaves a glowy effect. If you're worried about it not providing enough coverage, especially on your blemishes, just use concealer then! If you still feel it's not enough, then set it with a light powder. You might end up covering the nice glow it has with a powder, but at least it won't feel as heavy as foundation, especially in the Summer or all year long if you have oily skin all year long.


This is another favorite Too Faced brush. I carry this one inside my makeup bag in my purse for all powder touch-ups. I like it better than the regular kabuki because I find that this one grabs on to the powders much better. I don't just limit it to bronzers. I also use it to touch up on my face powder, highlighter and blush. Of course, if you want to use it as a bronze brush as it is intended to be used, you can definitely do that but I think you don't have to limit yourself to it. This is also definitely worth the price. It will never leave my makeup bag! ;)


Just like the regular Primed and Poreless is my go-to in the Winter, this one was my go-to this past Summer. I hope they keep it permanently. I have extremely oily skin and even though at first it feels a little greasy or heavy, it actually sets nicely on oily skin. I don't really like silicone-based primers but I find that they work better for oily skin. I will definitely repurchase it next Summer if it is still available.


This is my favorite face brush. It is super, super soft because it is made with those soft teddy bear bristles that Too Faced is known for. It grabs powders and distributes them evenly, effortlessly and flawlessly...and, the best's pink! My favorite color! If you want to try a Too Faced brush, I recommend you try this one. It is definitely worth the money.


I really don't hear too many people talk about this product but I personally think it's amazing! It is great for darker lips, such as red. I find myself using it more in the Winter because that is when I actually sport my dark shades such as my red or berry lipsticks. It really works! Of course that doesn't mean you can be careless about your lipstick. You always have to practice caution with high-maintenance shades but I have to say that my reds don't feather or bleed out AT ALL! It really, really helps. I apply it a little outside of my lips because I still like to wear lip liners. I definitely recommend this product...great little invention!


This is my second favorite Too Faced bronzer. My all-time fave is definitely Sun Bunny but this one is my go-to for the Winter. I really don't like to use heavy or dark bronzers in the Winter but I still want that flush of color that bronzers give you. So, I decided to give this a try and I fell in love! It immediately makes me look alive and awake and it is just so soft. It gives a suble golden glow. It's really amazing for this season. I swirls all of the colors together. I really recommend this bronzer for the Winter or for all year long for those who can't do darker bronzers.


I also added this to my Too Faced holiday collection and I don't regret it. First of all, I have to say that this brush has become my best friend. It's a face brush which could be used for many things, but I opted to use it as a highlighter brush and I love it! The teddy bear bristles are the best. I also love the fact that I get a deluxe size of my favoritte Winter face primer and the mascara and liner are a plus. This mascara is not my fave Too Faced one but it is definitely a great mascara. I love the terri cloth baggie that everything comes in. It is reusable for makeup, samples, etc...or, you can store the entire set in there. The palette is packaged really cute and the shades are beautiful. I love all of the shadows. They're shimmery but very pretty and soft. They blend like butter and the glosses are so soft and glowy. The nude blush is my favorite. I've been using it A LOT, even if I don't pair it with the set. It is a perfect shade for when you're going for a nude look and really compliments nude lips very well. This is definitely a must-have for collectors.


I really love this palette. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and I got the very last one at my ULTA store. It is amazing! I get a lot of compliments when I create a look using the peach shade or the teal one. I actually created a Fall look using all of the brown shades from this palette and I have used the lighter shades in other looks. I just don't want to put it away and not use it until the Summer. However, it is really amazing for creating Summer looks. The peach/coral shade is not that pigmented but if you put it over an orange cream shadow/color tattoo/paintpot, it will work great! I hope they re-promote it because everyone should get their hands on it!


This is a very pretty highlighter. It is so soft, yet gives you the perfect pigment. It is very buildable but works great when you want a soft highlight without looking like aluminum foil. It works great as an all-over powder and also as an all-over shadow. Again, if you're looking for a dramatic highlight, you will have to be very generous because of how soft and light it is. Still, a great highlighter for your collection.


I have a ton of glitters but I have to say that I will not trade my Nude Beam glitter for any other brand/similar shade. I love to put it over a beige shade. It looks sooooo elegant. It's like a nice champagne color. It works great for a holiday look, but also all year long because it is a neutral shade, however, the results are beautiful. Just like with any other glitter, be generous and careful when applying. It can become a mess if you over do it. ;) I definitely recommend this shade if you're starting out with glitter because it's not as Va-Va-Voom as the darker shades, but it's still an amazing dust!

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