Too Faced

Love Sweet Love


Ada  P.

I also added this to my Too Faced holiday collection and I don't regret it. First of all, I have to say that this brush has become my best friend. It's a face brush which could be used for many things, but I opted to use it as a highlighter brush and I love it! The teddy bear bristles are the best. I also love the fact that I get a deluxe size of my favoritte Winter face primer and the mascara and liner are a plus. This mascara is not my fave Too Faced one but it is definitely a great mascara. I love the terri cloth baggie that everything comes in. It is reusable for makeup, samples, etc...or, you can store the entire set in there. The palette is packaged really cute and the shades are beautiful. I love all of the shadows. They're shimmery but very pretty and soft. They blend like butter and the glosses are so soft and glowy. The nude blush is my favorite. I've been using it A LOT, even if I don't pair it with the set. It is a perfect shade for when you're going for a nude look and really compliments nude lips very well. This is definitely a must-have for collectors.

Stephanie T.
Love It!!

Maybe I'm biased because Too Faced products are in my top 5 favorites.....but, as always, the colors are sheer but true. And their eye and lip products are second to none! Lip gloss is relatively long-wearing and mascara is fabulous!

Deniz A.
Lovely Book Presentation

I bought this kit for the travel size Shadow Insurance eye primer and the "Teddy Bear" brush. The primer as I read on many reviews does work well but I can't decide if the Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer is better after one use of the Too Faced one. The Perfect Eyes eyeliner is indeed very smooth so would definitely go after a full size version of that. I was also a little disappointed that the eyeshadows lacked in pigmentation and were made in China along with the lipgloss. I did like the softness of the brush.

Perri S.
Great sizes. Lovely colors.

The reason I bought this was for the full-size brush. The brush doesn't work as well as I wished it did, but it's a great part of the package. I love, love, love the black liner- it is so smooth and easy to apply. I would buy a full size of this. The shadows apply a little less pigmented than I like but they are great for daytime looks, think- at work. Lashgasm mascara is awesome

Liza G.
great set. would make a lovely gift

This is a really great way to try a few different products from Too Faced. I have been a long time user of their eyeshadows, but this kit finally got me to try their primer and Lashgasm mascara, both of which I love. I saw this kit presented on a few beauty bloggers sites and when Clumps Of Mascara said she liked Lashgasm I decided to give it a try. The velveteen blue bag houses pretty much everything you need for a full face including a cruelty free synthetic brush and how-to cards. The primer is wonderful and worth buying a full size. The blushes & eyeshadows are pigmented & smooth. Everything fits in the bag so if you created a day look using this kit you could easily bring it with you and darken up the look for evening. Overall I love this brand and this kit gets an A rating from me!

Samantha N.
Worth it.

I recently purchased this set and to be honest i wasnt sure how i'd like it, mainly because of the blushs. I was looking for a travel friendly palette that had all the basics (eyeshadow, blush, lips) and i was torn between this and a few others. I decided to go with this one and i think its great. It's cute and small, packaging is adorable. The pink blush is more darker than in the picture, but it can be sheer depending how you apply. I love the brush and the eyeliner. I haven't tried the mascara yet but it'll be great for travel. Overall great set.