Beauty Product Reviews


I purchased this foundation because I would see beauty gurus always raving about it and I would see the results too! So on a trip to Sephora I decided to purchase it. I do not regret it a bit! It gives such a amazing coverage, it leaves my skin looking flawless and it is such a light weight in the skin! The only one thing that I wish is that it would last for a longer time, but I later purchased the primer for the foundation and it makes it more long wearing and it leaves a smooth face to prep for the foundation. I definitely recommend it!


Omg I love this perfume! I have purchased it a couple of time and I always love using it! it smells amazing! I seriously recommended it, and if you can you should definitely buy it :)


I purchased them a couple of months ago because I saw that a lot of beauty gurus had them and I wanted to try them out for myself and I absolutely love them!