Beauty Product Reviews


I didn't really like this mascara. It gave me spider lashes. Every time I would put the mascara on it didn't feel like it was coating all my lashes, it just felt like it was separating them. I didn't want it to go to waste so I used it just for my bottom lashes and it works alright for that. That's the only reason I gave it a star and a half. Because I did find some use for it. But honestly I wouldn't purchase it again.

it's okay

The maybelline eyestudio color tattoo eyeshadow was alright. Ir wasn't horrible. The color is very vibrant BUT I found it hard to blend with other eyeshadows. They have a lot of pretty colors to choose from.

I love this

I loveee this eyeliner! I can't say enough good things about it. It's definitely my favorite gel liner. I'm always recommending it to people. It last through out the whole day. I never have to touch it up after I do my eyeliner.

Not a fan

I've tried the Eos lip balm and I have to admit that the packaging is super cute. But the lip balm itself isn't very good. Whenever I put it on my lips it feels like it's just coating my lips with a waxy coating. It doesn't feel like it's hydrating my lips. I think the regular cheap chapstick works better and it's only like a dollar. It gets one star though just for being cute.