Beauty Product Reviews

awesome unique brush

let me just say Hakuhodo has quickly stolen my heart & pocket book since Sonya G brushes are too difficult to obtain and she doesn’t order enough to keep her retailers stocked BUT the one exception is this Cover FX brush. it’s incredible, blends incredibly well and does not lift the foundation from the face if you happen to swirl it on non set foundation. there’s nothing new about this brush as it’s been around for awhile but it is the 1 brush most MUA, me included, have 10 or more in our kits. Top notch. takes a bit of getting use to due to the dense head but once you do, you’ll keep these stocked in your kits or makeup tables!

Incredible fan brush

Wish They could keep SG brushes in stock. Best brush for the money, great quality, easily absorbs pigment to transfer to your face and fan provides a much better blend action, due to its thickness. Really like this brush. I recently replaced a few thousand dollars in brushes, 1/2 from Beautylish & 1/2 from another company. The brushes in this photo were mainly purchased here, recently cleaned (notice how well they return to their original color).

Sheer perfection

In a brush. My most coveted powder brush truly leaving an airbrushed finished look. Picks up pigmented powders well and easily so go easy.

Keeping it real

Awesome brush! Only 1 other contends with this one and it’s $400 + Applies perfectly, rolls evenly and even lightly stipples well for more intense application. Love!

Very nice

Llittle tricky to get the “Twirl” going when applying powder. Most of my clients don’t realize they’ve been applying their powder incorrectly, which in turn creates dissatisfaction with the brushes they use. If you prefer to stick your brush in powder then apply with circular motion, yea ... your not going to like this brush. If you roll the powder on, allow to set, then buff , you’ll love it as much as any other $100 brush.

Here’s the deal

This tool is amazing “If” you use it properly and on someone else. When applying mascara to yourself.... it’s fine for me but if your not a makeup artist I doubt you’d like this (why I gave it 4 stars rather than 5). Applying on a customer = most beautiful lashes and application .


Eww $$$$ but oh so worth it. I have several high end brushes yet non compare to this handmade brush. Powders face with perfection when rolled across the face. No skips, no misses, pure bliss. Truly perfect for powder application. Too large for blush. Very specific tool here.