Beauty Product Reviews

Absolutely in love!

One of the best palettes. I love it very much. It’s very wearable for everyday. Colors are soft and interesting. Multichromes are not very too intense in shades but this is I love about them the most. Otherwise you could use them for night only and very rarely. The quality is as ND all palettes.


stunning palette! a Masterpeice! each color is thought out, it's very precise decision about the color range, texture, formula! it's a piece of art!!!!!!

Beautylish is Beyond my expectations.

Thank you for the delivery. it's the only website i ever experienced who deliver faster than whoever and packaging is just amazing. Everything arrives safe. I heard about it from youtuber Mel Thompson and decided to try your website immediately. Because i'm from UAE. I ordered this pallete and +blushes from beautylish just because of that and increased my order upto 100$ with the stuff i was not planning to buy right now. I could buy this from Sephora. But i split my order for Sephora and for Beautylish. If you had everything i need i would by only from you! Thank you.

OOOH! Love it! the best!

The diamond one is absolutely stunning! I can use it on eyes as well as a top, or your body. It's not the highlight i would say it's diamond powder. It's very similar to Fenty Diamond powder, if you have one of this you might need to another one. They substitute each other. They have a different texture but the result very similar. You will shine as diamond with both of them. Probably it's just the brand preferances. I love Natasha Denona more.))) The blush is cold pink with a peachy shift. It's a matter of taste. probably you can use with other blushes as well. The texture is gorgeous. Not powdery, you can apply with your fingers, probably it's even better than with a brush.

Beyond my expectations.

Thr highlight is very subtle. remind me cream highlight from the shapeshifter pallete Urban Decay. But i love this subtle highlight for the more natural look. Obsessed with it.

amazing quailty.

i tried this once. but very happy with it. Probably one of my favourites. And i can carry it with me. Good size.

In love with this palette!

It's beautiful! I also have Mini Lila Palette, they are different in colors, and both are stunning! Formula and colors are amazing!