Beauty Product Reviews

I returned it

I wasn't a huge fan of this honestly. It felt like butter and the highlight was gorgeous but idk it just didn't blend as well as I'd hope (maybe it's because I have really dry skin) but my NYX contour stick blends like a dream on me so who knows. The color was a little off for me. Maybe I need to get a lighter shade. Either way I expected more for it being as expensive as it is. If you want to own some Tom Ford makeup I'd look at what else Beautylish has to offer.

I love this palette

I received this palette as a gift from a friend and I really love it. It blends out really well, lasts long, is pigmented and it didn't stain my eyes. (I know that's not the same case for everyone though.) Definitely didn't think I would like pink colors but I do now! Worth the but for sure.

Really nice

Usually I dont wear blue eyeshadow because I have blue eyes and I feel like it takes away from my eye color. Decided to grab this anyways because the colors were so pretty and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. I'm glad I did! I was going to give it 4 stars because there were a couple colors that I really had to work at for a while with multiple brushes in order to get it to blend properly but what's really nice about these colors is they didn't crease or move (and I wore it for about 11 hours) and they didn't stain my eyes at all. I was able to take it off with no issues. So 5 stars from me, I'd say it's definitely worth the buy!


I decided to splurge on mini liquid lipsticks from JS as I've never tried them before but heard great things. My lips are just naturally a little dry but omgsh! These dont ball up in the corners, they dont dry out my lips even more, they are long lasting and best of all, the colors are so pretty! I've grabbed a few full sized ones and I'm going to continue growing my JS liquid lip collection.

I really like them

The brushes are not only unique but they are crazy soft and they really help blend makeup so well. They definitely exceeded my expectations

It's okay

I have very dry skin and I usually use the smallest amount of Laura mercier powder all over my face. No matter how I use this one it just seems to leave my skin looking cakey.

Get them

I received a small sample with 1 of my orders and immediately grabbed the trio. It takes off makeup like nothing. I still use my Clarisonic to actually scrub my face but no more spending 7 min with baby wipes or makeup wipes to help remove the makeup.