Beauty Product Reviews

This is my makeup must-have. I cant live without it!!! Its sooo awesome. It really help my eyeshadow and liner stay on all day and it really makes a huge difference. Ive tried other primers, but nothing compares to this one... its something every girl needs to try!

Its a great topcoat! Does help against chipping and obviously, dries quickly. Doesnt compare to anything ive ever tried before. The only this is, when there is 1/4 of the bottle left, it kinda get too thick. But id definitely get it again:)

I havent had this in a while, but its something im getting myself very soon. As someone who is very sensitive to smell, I LOVE IT. Its so sweet and girly<3 but not too harsh at the same time. I would recommend this for anyone. Its great for daytime and evening as well. LOVE IT:)

AWSOME<3 love how natural it looks and how easy it is to use, definitely the best highlighter ive ever used! I even mix in in to my foundation to give me an extra glow when im not in the mood to highlight and contour. one of my fave Nars products:)

I have a few lipsticks by Mac, and theyre my favorites in my whole makeup collection. Theyre so pigmented and have a great finish. Im really obsessed. Dont really need to reapply, even at work! I prefer to spend the extra $$ and get good quality!

Just bought this yesterday... SUPER PIGMENTED, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, etc. etc. its awesome, im getting more when its done. its really amazing. And being so pale, it really gives a nice natural color and glow and you can even do a more dramatic look if you want. :D