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Dec 20, 2012

Lauren L.

20/12/12: My hair recovery review.
When I decided I wanted to grow out my peroxide-plastered,sickly blonde hair and grow in my natural pale brown hair, I knew that id have to have to have a more healthier lifestyle in general. I decided to change my lifestyle in late October.
-I decided to deactivate my facebook and other social networking sites except for this account and my art blog and now my facebook,etc. Havent been used for over a month.
-Ive isolated myself from overcrowded/social situations causing me anxiety/stress. Now im a lot more calm but I still sometimes get put through these feelings of stress but they are only temporary.
-Ive tried to eat healthy since I used to heavily binge eat now im having salad and wraps and eggs and other healthy things.
Theres also other things ive been doing like getting hair cutting scissors and searching the end of my hair and cutting the dead ends off.
My results of my new treating of my hair is that my new hair has grown an inch and a half between late October and December. Hooooray! :-)

Lauren L.

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