Beauty Product Reviews

Love the colors

I have two of these, i really like them to use them as a base it makes the eyeshadow pop. But i do have oily eyelids so it doesn't last very long for those of you that have the same problem :/. Use a a good eyelid primer, and it will look great. :)

Pretty good

I recently bought this just because i like trying different foundations every time i run out. And i think this a pretty good drugstore foundation, i have acne blemishes and i would say coverage is good. But i'm oily around my t-zone area, and it doesn't really last very long unless you use a face primer, but other than that its good.


I had heard so much about these lip balms, so many good things. So i went to buy one, and i really like it! I especially love the light wear and the packaging is so cute!

Pretty Good for Drugstore..

When i bought this eyeliner i was so excited to try it out,and at the beginning it was good. I loved the application, and i mean for a drugstore product i really did like it. But i noticed after using it for a while it started getting flaky. Whenever i would try to apply it i would see black flakes and streaks all over my cheeks!! So that was a huge turn off, i rarely use it now and the brush it comes with isn't very useful either


I really love this brush! I know the "purpose" for the brush is for powders,(loose or pressed) but I use it to apply blush/bronzer and its amazing. I really love how dense it is and the flat top just makes it more perfect to apply your makeup. Its such a great brush for the price!! <3