Beauty Product Reviews


I really do LOVE this brush. I don't have much hair and currently my hair is falling off due to breast feeding. I have been recommended to be gentle to my hair & brush lightly. Preferably with a fine comb brush. BUT this brush is not only gentle, it doesn't tug on my head & it de-tangles like a charm. PLUS it it very very well made. its a very light brush & it bets my wet brush. My kids LOVE it. If my brush goes missing i know who took it. Will be buying another one.

Cute but not worth it.

I bought them because I wanted to try the colors and even tho they are super cute, I don't reach for them because they are so small. Three of these mini lipsticks equals 1 of her full size lipsticks.. Which makes me realize I could have bought two full lipsticks and paid just a bit more...


I'm glad I invested in this product! It removed makeup so so well and it's super gental on eyes. I hated rubbing my eyes to remove my waterproof mascara but with this solution... It doesn't require much rubbing or tugging on the eyes it just melts my eye makeup right off!! AMAZED

Have patience?

I really like the color, the formula and the blend-ablility..but the Pen?? ugh I don't like that the product drys on the tip forcing you to clean it because when your ready to use it. you can easily over clip and waste the product...Too messy but if you have patience and your willing to struggle over beautiful eyes...go for it


Wow!! these are great! they are so easy to blend and they are pigmented. A little goes a long way! I love them for those easy lazy days were you want to look as though effort was put it but i really wasn't :)

Nice but not as good

These are very beautiful on the skin when I first applied. They are pigmented like you would expect charlotte products to be pigmented. Unfortunately the eyeshadow does not stay on the eyes. Even when I apply different primers the eyeshadow rolls off my eyes. (and I don't have oily eyelids) now the blush is okay but it won't last too

A Glow

I thought it would be a bit more pigmented but when I put it on it was a very glowy sheer of color. I am medium skin with olive under tones and when I wore it it just made me look pretty, flawless, like I had just come from a quick run. That natural flush of color. I think it will work just fine for those lazy days.

A must HAVE!!

it is so soft, flexible and it the perfect size to make a clean yet natural looking contour. Not only does it work for contour it works great as a under eye setting powder!!