Ellis Faas

Creamy Eyes


Song K.
Hate the pen/brush design

I really like this product but the pen brush design is really annoying... to the point that I don't even want to use it due to the hassle. First, be prepare to turn/click 50 times to even get the product to come out in the first place. Then be prepare to click another 5-10 times with EACH use.

Buy if you have the time, patience, and money (if you click too fast you will lose product). However if you do not have much time, you want quick and easy, this is NOT the product for you.

The product is easy to apply once the product comes out. The lilac taupe has a pinkish/purplish undertone so wish I would have just ordered the taupe instead. It is matte and drys quickly. It doesn't last thru my 12 hour workday though.

Bought two colors and won't be buying anymore until the applicator changes.

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Jill B.
Beautiful, but...

Almost everything about these are wonderful...the colors, the formula, and especially the staying power. There's nothing else like them. However, the pen dispenser just doesn't make sense to me. You can't control when and how much product comes out so you turn and turn and then there's too much.. and be careful because it dries almost immediately, not only on your eyes but on the applicator brush too, which then needs to be cleaned, and product is wasted. Having said that, I love them and will continue to use them despite my complaints, they're that good and unique. I just wish they came in a plastic tube instead. The pen dispensers work better with the Ellis Faas lipsticks, I don't have a problem with those.

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Blanca V.
Have patience?

I really like the color, the formula and the blend-ablility..but the Pen?? ugh I don't like that the product drys on the tip forcing you to clean it because when your ready to use it. you can easily over clip and waste the product...Too messy but if you have patience and your willing to struggle over beautiful eyes...go for it

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Teri A.
The Perfect Cream Shadow

Does not crease. Stays put all day. If I am in a hurry I can line under my eyes quickly and smudge it out. The pigment is what you dream pigment would be in an eyeshadow. I just cannot say enough about them. Word of advice on using the Ellis Faas Pens. Every click you make to get it started must be done with care. If you get in a hurry or lose patience and start making multiple clicks all at once the product will catch up eventually and it will over dispense out of the brush. Be very careful. It's expensive and you won't want to waste a drop.

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Melissa M.
Love these. Amazing colors and pay off

No other shadow looks quite like these gorgeous matte creams. I absolutely love them. They are blendable when wet, but don't budge once they dry down to powder form. I haven't had too much trouble so far with the packaging, but I am washing the brush tip after each use. There is some waste in that. If these pens had a regular tip option, they'd be brilliant.

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Wayne G.
Amazing - but slightly buggy at times....

There is not doubt that these are amazing. Waterproof. Budge proof. 100% for that it deserves 5 stars. The only issue i have experienced is that clogging can be a little problematic from time to time... but otherwise if you're looking for a waterproof eyeshadow that really does last - go for it.

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