Beauty Product Reviews

my main go-to eyeliner

i love this eyeliner; have it in Black & Brown. they're both great.. as good as Lorac front of the line eyeliner... but it's half the price.. and I use it all the time.

don't give a $h!t if it makes my eyelashes fuller..... it's just a great eyeliner.

hard to remove

i've only used this eyeliner a few times since i bought it.. honestly not my fave. it's really hard to remove... takes a lot of work to get it off, and it takes a skillful hand to apply... but it doesn't budget when it's on.

I didn't like it...

I kept this palette for less than a day before returning it.. I wanted it SO BAD!!!! I was so excited about it, and so disappointed when I had it in person. I felt like the colors were really underwhelming and poorly pigmented. I look at everyone else's glowing reviews and wonder why, am I missing something? Also there was a lot of glitter in a lot of the eyeshadows. Overall, I was sad. :(

Freaking Amazing

I've bought 3 duos; The Top Shelf The Scenic Route & The Flashback

Each are AMAZING!!!! I want them all..... ;) The color & pigmentation is rich, the eyeshadows feel soft & velvety, they go on beautifully and stay well... great buy.

Pretty much all I use for eyeshadow...

I have 9 shades of BE eyeshadows and would LOVE to own more. It's pretty much all I use. Faves are Camp, Queen Phyllis, Soul, Desire.... So pigmented, full coverage color and absolutely stunning!!

Absolute Must

This is one of those Must Have products... I'm about to run out of this, and I'm shivering at the thought of going a day without it! Basically, it's very much not full coverage - it's not a foundation - but it evens out the skin tone and makes it smooth and glowy.. I love using this as a base for either a powder foundation, a powder BE all over face shimmer (pure radiance), mixed w/ the Tarte full coverage amazonian clay foundation, or with a blush... Favorite product out of everything I own!!!