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Beauty Product Reviews

Blown away by this set!

When I first heard that Beautylish was announcing another Chikuhodo collab, I got so excited. I still use and love every single one of the brushes from the 2015 Sakura collection - they have held up beautifully just the same as any other Chikuhodo Z series brush I have & the sakura blossom details on the handles are just breathtaking.

Initially, I was a little disappointed to hear this year's collection was using goat hair instead of squirrel hair (my usual preference). However - I received my brushes, and they are SO SOFT. I can honestly say they are the softest, highest quality goat brushes I have ever felt in my life. They really don't feel much different than my high quality squirrel brushes.

I also think the shapes of the brushes are so complimentary to last year's sakura collection. None of the brushes are identical to last year's & the two collections seem to blend so seamlessly. I love the 2016 Cheek brush for highlighter - the oblong shape and density is just perfect for buffing out highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. The 2016 foundation brush is lovely for cream blush (I don't wear foundation, but I imagine it would be a great brush for that). The powder brush is so soft and deposits just the right amount of powder all over. I also love the eyebrow brush - I don't find it too thick at all to create a very natural brow shaping (though I do have naturally thick brows & just need a little filling in). The other two brushes are super functional - I love synthetic lip brushes for their ease of cleaning, and the crease brush reminds me a lot of a Mac 217 (and who doesn't have a million uses for that kind of brush?).

All in all, I'm so glad I decided to get these brushes. They are GORGEOUS, super high quality, and have completely changed my mind about how nice goat hair brushes can be.

In love! Thank you for another great collab, Beautylish.

Gorgeous golden sheen!

I'm actually pretty shocked by the poor reviews on this product... I think it's easily one of the most stunning highlighters I've ever seen. I bought it months ago & am really glad to see Beautylish is now stocking it!

From what I can gather, people are mostly just upset about the packaging. I think it's cute - compact & kind of kitschy. Yes, it's cardboard, but it feels sturdy and stays shut with a magnet. I'd be happy if Tilbury updated the package to plastic, but I don't think it's a big deal or detracts from the performance of the product inside. If you buy solely for packaging, sometimes the product just becomes a tabletop accessory and lacks real quality on the skin. For performance, I think this one is pretty stunning. I'd rather pay for performance on the skin than on a tabletop.

I am extremely fair and most highlighters are much too dark for me unless they have an opalescent white base. This is the first golden highlight that I can wear without looking like there is a dark fake metallic stripe across my cheekbones. It's really a wow product - super shimmery, doesn't accentuate texture (the way some very potent highlighters can), and with the undertone being warm and golden while still being really light, I imagine this would work on loads of skin tones.

When I'm trying to go for a very glamorous, Old Hollywood look - I grab this. Simply beautiful.

Adorable & super functional for travel

I love Chikuhodo brushes & use various Z series brushes every day that I put on makeup. The quality, softness, and performance are amazing in general with Chikuhodo brushes. But - I don't love to travel with them because I try to take really good care of them & hate when they get squished or misshapen in luggage (even the chikuhodo travel brush case doesn't always stop that).

Because of how protective I am of my brushes, I almost never pack any of the good ones for travel, certainly not more than one if I do (might pack something small like a Z2). Then that leads to the issues of "do I pack my brushes and risk them getting misshapen in luggage or do I bring brushes I don't really like as much..." So I love the idea of these Makie travel brushes!

I used this brush today to do my powder (Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder) and my blush (By Terry Densiliss Platonic Blonde), and it applied both powders beautifully - blended well and didn't pick up too much product on the brush. It isn't quite as soft as my Z series brushes, but it is still quite soft and gentle on the skin, and it didn't disturb my skin or the concealer under my powder at all with any roughness.

By the way - this little brush is teeny tiny! When it's closed in its case, its about the size of a lipstick tube. Which is amazing for travel & it's adorable, but just an FYI. Once the brush is fully extended for use it doesn't feel too small / dinky for usage. A smaller-end-of-the-spectrum powder brush sure, but still fully capable of powdering a whole face with beautiful results, if desired.

I love this brush. Small enough to throw in your purse & take up no more room than a lipstick and perfect for frequent flyers who like to keep their brushes safe / pack light. Plus the floral design is gorgeous! I will probably have to get more than one of these...

Must have

This product is genius! I wash my brushes fairly often, and I always hate the time it takes for them to dry / the space they take up on the edge of the counter. I also worry about water getting into the ferrule of the brush since I use high quality brushes that I don't want to have to replace due to water damage.

This brush tree takes up so little space, my brushes (predominately Chikuhodo and Wayne Goss) fit perfectly in it. It allows them to dry upside-down, ensuring water will not damage the brushes.

I absolutely love this brush tree. What a fantastic idea.

Beautiful and glowing!

I am not a primer person... In general, I just work on keeping my skin in good condition and skip the primer step altogether. I received this product in my Lucky Bag a few days ago and have used it every day since, and I'm extremely impressed. I would never have picked it out for myself, but I think it has really made a difference.

I have super sensitive skin, and most primers/foundations break me out - this one has given me zero reactions. That's huge for me.

It isn't a "pore perfecting" silicone-heavy primer, but it does blur and soften the texture of the skin. It provides a very natural - but noticeable - glow, as well. I have been massaging this in before using a bit of Laura Mercier's secret camouflage and it provides a really excellent base for that product to stick to. I like to dust translucent powder over top of everything to make sure the concealer-covered parts of the skin blend with the bare skin, and this primer somehow still provides a "lit from within" look under powder.

I recommend this for people who want a little extra glow, something that subtly improves the look of textured skin, and for those who have sensitive skin.

PS - I own the Burberry Fresh Glow in Nude Radiance that I've heard people liken this product to. I find them very different. The Becca Backlit is a primer that gives glow but sets a good canvas for makeup to be applied on top of. The Burberry Fresh Glow is something I really only use for liquid highlighting on tops of cheekbones / high points of face.

The one and only!

I have used the Baume de Rose for about three years now, since discovering it in a little pharmacy. While I do splurge on skincare, I didn't ever find it necessary to shell out on a lip product, but my lips were constantly dry and dehydrated (doesn't help that I love to wear lipstick all the time). So I went for it and bought this balm, and immediately fell in love. It is supple, moisturizing in a way I have never felt from a balm, the moisture really stays all day, too. It is a product that I can put on in the morning and night and never need to top up in the day.

From the day I bought this three years ago to today, I have never gone a day without using the balm. It has changed my lips! I think it's seriously amazing to say that I have never had chapped lips once in three years, and it's wholly because of this super product. I also only need a very small amount, and my jars of Baume de Rose have lasted for up to a year because I only need such a small amount to sort out my lips for the day.

Is it expensive? Yes. But it lasts longer than any other lip balm by ages and does a much, much better job at nourishing the lips than any other balm I've tried. Highly recommend.

Excellent toner!

I love this toner - smells LUSH, calms redness, soothes sensitive or blemish prone skin, and preps skin gorgeously for oils and moisture to go on top.

I am totally on board with spritzes and spray toners, though I don't usually go for ones this luxurious (read: expensive). I actually do see a difference in the clarity of my skin and the absorption of my oils when I use this, though. Lovely as an addition for an already great skincare regime and recommend for fellow face spritz addicts!

Best face oil. Ever.

I'm over the moon about May Lindstrom - all of her products are luxurious, of amazing quality, and they actually do what they claim to do! This oil is no different.

It's a rich, thick oil that is unbelievably softening - you will have baby skin with this oil. I recommend massaging into a wet, clean face (I use it after spritzing the heck out of my face with The Jasmine Garden spray). The wet skin helps spread the oil & lets skin absorb the product better.

This oil gives amazing glow, is super softening, and is soothing on my sensitive skin. I think it works better than any other oil I've tried - a long list from Sunday Riley to Emma Hardie & everything in between. I can also use it in the day under makeup without any greasiness or makeup shifting (my skin is combo-dry).

It is pricey, but like all of May's products - it will last a very long time and the quality is there.

If you're looking for a glow & extra nourishment, I highly recommend this gem! (Works gorgeously with Blue Cocoon, too!)

Otherworldly calm!

This nourishing balm is packed with the purest, wild-harvested ingredients. It is a gorgeous soft blue that smells of peace and calm - total luxury.

If you have sensitive, dry, stressed skin, or if you travel by air frequently, this product is phenomenal.

It instantly melts upon contact with the skin into a luxurious, rich oil. It calms and deeply nourishes while providing an amazing protective layer over the skin.

I don't recommend using this under make up, but it is amazing at night or on no make up days.

There are potentially irritating ingredients (Shea butter, cacao, etc), but I've never had a reaction - and I often react to Shea. Each person is different, but this moisturizer is stunning, soothing, rich, and majorly luxurious.

Thanks for stocking May's products, Beautylish!

Can't Live Without It

Well, I can live without it, but I wouldn't want to.

This is the mask that made me believe in using masks frequently - I use this twice a week, every week, and it's been a major love of mine since I discovered it six months ago. I even have a backup, despite the fact this product will last months and months (the jar is huge).

You mix the mask with water & apply in circular motions, then leave it on for 45 min - an hour. I almost always leave it on for the hour. It warms in the first 15 min of use (from cayenne & other spices), and over the course of the hour that I keep it on, it mellows and the warming sensation subsides. I was worried the first time I used it, but my extremely sensitive skin has never once suffered an adverse reaction from ingredients in the mask. Of course, check ingredients list & proceed with caution if you have sensitivities.

The feeling I get the morning after using this mask makes it so addictive - my skin is clear, bright, and insanely soft.

I cannot recommend this mask enough to those who want a deep clean or suffer from congested skin.

I love May Lindstrom products & am so thrilled Beautylish now carries them!

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