Beauty Product Reviews

Soft brush, perfect application

I love this brush - Wayne Goss brushes are one of my favorite brushes in quality, style and practicality. this one in particular feels like a kitten paw, patting my cheeks. I use this specifically for a light wash of blush the apples of my cheeks. I also use this when i'm dusting a light veil of beauty powder over my whole face - it's the right 'weight' of bristles for a soft application of powder.

Just an OK brush

At first, i was excited to use this brush after i purchased it via Beautylish. From day 1, the brush just shed hairs left and right. I thought washing the brush would have helped, but no, the brush just continued to shed. the bristles used for the brush, the handle, the weight, the style - all gorgeous...really top notch....but there was something wrong with the way the brush hairs were bound to the ferrule - trust me i used this brush every day....wiped it 1x a week and was very careful to keep moisture clear of the ferrule, never immersing the brush (subsequently used a damp towel to clean the brush per online suggestions). i could have received a dud....that's crossed my mind too, but i wasn't convinced an error like this would have made it past their quality control, but then again, who knows. Buyer beware? i did use the brush until nearly 1/2 the bristles fell out - then i just had to toss it. did i get my money's worth? probably not. would i buy another Kevyn Aucoin brush? probably not. sad thought....since i do love a lot of his products.