Beauty Product Reviews

Stiffer than I anticipated

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this brush and I think it's just in terms of expectations where I've gone wrong. I expected it to be softer and fluffier but it's actually quite stiff. In terms of application, it does a great job when you apply blush on with a swiping motion (which I use for all my blush brushes any). Even though it is stiffer, it never applies too much product (I have used it on my Hourglass blushes) and looks great.

Love the color but still not up to par with his permanent liquid lips

JS liquid lips are about the only liquid lipsticks I wear because everything else just dries my lips out like no other. This formulation is a huge improvement over 714 (which I loved the color but was way too streaky). There are definitely still patches but if you go over it a couple of times you can achieve a good opacity and even color. Dryer on your lips then his permanent colors but I guess that is something that can't really be helped with this type of shade.

Amazing Oil

This is honestly one of the best oils I have tried for my combination skin. I have a really oily T-zone and everywhere else is just flaking, prone to allergic reactions and beyond dry. It is so light that I am probably using way too much than necessary but I don't even care because my skin feels and looks great. I no longer have to apply creams to my face throughout the day or worry about my chin being flaky. If your skin is going through a rough patch or abnormally dehydrated then this is the product for you. I recommend this product 100% and will probably be giving it as a present to all my friends and family with dry skin.

Incredibly Moisturizing

I have been looking for a great moisturiser since the beginning of this year after my oily skin somehow turned insanely dry (I have been flying a lot for work this year so that could be a factor) and prone to allergic reactions. Actually went to buy the Sisley black rose cream and it just wasn't doing enough to relieve the dry cracking feeling or the flaking of the skin or the redness. The Caudalie Vinosource Intense Rescue Cream (in conjunction with the Indie Lee Squalene oil and NIOD hyaluronic acid serum) though has seriously helped and my skin now no longer feels dry, neither does it flake or have redness. Beyond thankful. Will repurchase 100%.

Everything you'd expect from a Wayne Goss Brush

At first I was a little thrown by how stiff the brush felt (the hairs were still absolutely the softest in the market), and I thought maybe it would work better with a cream contour vs a powder contour. However, it was a dream to blend out my powder contour as well!


This is such a great product! I received the bronzing powder from Kevyn Aucoin through a lucky bag from Beautylish and was immediately impressed with the smoothness of their powders. However, I found the shade a tad too dark on me so passed it on to a friend. This sculpting powder though, is the perfect cool tone contouring powder and so little goes such a long way. I bought this with the Wayne Goss Sculpting brush no. 12 and together they just are the perfect contouring duo.

Absolutely Amazing!

Ok so I actually bought this Lila palette in desperation while waiting for the sunset palette to come back in stock. Initially I was looking at the purples in this and thought there is no way I will get much use from this and the shades look slightly too cool for my normal orange and warm brown preferences.

After seeing Tati's review on this though, I thought well why not, the colors are gorgeous and I don't have anything like it in my collection. Beautylish of course has the most incredible customer service and shipping so of course I got my hands on this baby only a few days later (I live in Asia btw).

The second I saw it in god my mind was blown. I can honestly say that I have never been so inspired to create colorful eye looks like I have with this palette. The shades are all so pigmented and easy to blend. I have a couple of stand out shades that I love and surprisingly they are all the intense purples (Amethyst, Magentic and Dragon Bite)! The only thing missing is a good brow bone highlight but who here doesn't have at least half a dozen of those lying around. I think this might be my favorite Palette ever!

Honestly, now that I have the sunset palette (which I also love love love) I am pretty much in eyeshadow heaven.

  • 714
Pretty color but very streaky (not standard JS quality)

I went in with this purchase with my eyes open. I think Jeffree Star was pretty honest in telling his viewers on YouTube that this one is streaky and doesn't smell like the normal formula. However, I did not expect the crazy efforts it took for me to make this work. Honestly a lipliner will help the patchy situation but this is really not worth the money. The color is really perfect for the summer though

Amazing Volume

This mascara gave my thin lashes so much Volume! I have really stubborn straight lashes too so I never go in straight with a volumizing mascara. But with 1 coat of my Shu petal mascara and then this on top, the results are really astounding. As for smudging I don't find that it smudges more than any other mascara on me but I have oily lids. I would say to really take the excess product off the brushes before you comb it through, if not I find the product really heavy and it weights down on my lashes.

Quick and easy smoking eye

The glitters in the eyeshadows are so amazing! I got the shades The Huntress and Midnight Seduction. Both performed equally well. Your eyes will shine like a disco ball and no mistake! I personally love it but if you are looking for something more toned down, this may not be for you.

The application was extremely easy and I did everything with my fingers in 5 minutes. I think that lead to a bit of fallout but nothing too messy.

Overall they are fantastic products and I cannot wait for the holiday season so I can use them all the time.