Beauty Product Reviews

Great stuff 💗

Ok so I'm not much of a lip gloss wearer I like my matte l&l satin lipsticks but I decided to give the gloss a try & boy am I glad I did!! I love this stuff! It looks amazing over a good lip pencil or on its own. My only complaint is the scent, it smells wonderful don't get me wrong, nice & fruity just a little to strong for my liking is all :)

I have only used 4 manic panic colors , atomic turquoise, electric lizard, ultra violet, & purple haze. The colors are beautiful and the staying power depends on porosity of the hair, the more porous the hair is the more likely it is to stay, but with that being said it is also really hard to get out if your hair is really porous. Atomic turquoise- think blue bubble gum snow cone in terms of color-fades out to a mint green, electric lizard is a nice yellow based lime green-fades out to yellow, ultra violet was tricky it is blue based purple that in certain light will look cobalt blue-fades out to lavender , & purple haze is a nice red based purple- a more true purple if you will- fades out to pink.

I decided to try the mini kit that comes with the no-poo, one condtion, anGEL, and set it free. I absolutely love the whole system! It really is a great curl system, however if you use too much of the set it free it can weigh hair down a bit. It all depends on the type of hair you have, I find that 2-3 sprays is just enough for me and I have swavy medium hair :) if you have finer hair I would only use 1-2 sprays about 6in away from the hair but if you have thicker coarse hair you can use a bit more.