Beauty Product Reviews

Amazing brush, great quality. This brush is used for blending my contour colours and foundation into the skin. Does an absolute great job and I wouldn't think of looking at any other brand. So lovely to use on the face as it is really soft and isn't harsh when applying (I have really sensitive skin). If my brush ever became damaged I would definitely buy the same one again.


Great lipstick, can't remember the colour shade but was a nude/pinky colour. Shimmer works well and feels great on the lips. Would buy another shade of chubby stick again. Clinique has great makeup range.

  • 01
Definite recommend - very long lasting. Little fade.

Kate Moss has a great lipstick range and I've always wanted a red but didn't have the confidence to wear it. After already liking and having one of Kate Moss' lipsticks before, I decided to purchase number 01 - the red. The colour is great, very pigmented. Doesn't bleed. Lasts a very long time, although I do reapply after a while, especially after eating (probably isn't needed). All round great lipstick range - absolutely adore them. Only downfall is that after a few hours the colour does fade a little, typically on the inner of the lips. Definitely recommend.