Beauty Product Reviews

Pleasantly surprised!

I must confess... I am a bit of a makeup snob. You would never catch me dead purchasing drugstore makeup... that is, until recently, upon moving out on my own and being forced onto a spending diet.

I ran out of my usual bare minerals foundation, and with winter among us I wanted to switch to a liquid anyway. I reviewed this product over and over again and decided to give it a try... I must say, I'm impressed! I blend it with my beauty blender and the coverage is about medium, (If you have any blemishes you may need to conceal them) and then I set it with sephora's setting powder to prevent any funny oxidizing. It keeps my face nice and matte (but not flat!) all day, and does not leave me feeling cakey or flakey. My only complaint is a get wiffs here and there of the smell. Which isn't bad by any means, I would just rather my face not smell like secrets when my boyfriend leans in to kiss me! ;)

Hope this helps all you beauty snobs like myself to save a couple of bucks!


I LOVE this cleaner! I use it with my clarisonic and it makes my fave smoother than a baby's butt! A little goes a long way, and it melts makeup off in a cinch! The ONLY thing I can think of that kind of bugs me is it sometimes doesn't lather too great depending on how much product and oil is built up on your face... which sometimes causes me to use a bit more.

I am on a bit of a spending budget and recently tried to use a cheaper brand which I heard was similar. WRONG. I broke out into a pizza face and immediately ran back to Sephora to stock up! I'm forever a purity girl!

Totally worth it!

I am super fair and I am obsessed with skin care. I wear SPF EVERYDAY, even in the winter! However sometimes I long for a just back from vacation glow. I discovered this at Sephora and altough pricey, it gives the most natural color out of all sunless tanners I've tried. I have had my bottle for about a year and I've gotten 10 tans out of it, and its just a little more than halfway gone. The trick is to purchase the mitt as well to keep your palms clean. Dirty palms is the tell tale sign of a bogus tan! ;)