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Location: Madrid

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About Me


i`m a beauty addicted young woman raised in Germany but now living in Madrid, Spain since 4 years.

I addicted to bright and shiny colours and i`m wearing them whenever i want to and don`t care if i`m wearing them while i`m working or during daytime- i`m not like the most ones and really don`t care about it.

My signature style is really classic- red lip, black eyeliner,lots of mascara and some bronzer and highlight powder on my cheeks.

It`s not only my signature look but also my favourite look for bad make up days because it always works out well and makes me feel beautiful.

When i`m not working- i`m teaching german to spanish children- i`m surfing the internet for new products or collections, working on my blog or do some personal shopping stuff.

That`s why i`m well known in most Make Up Stores in Madrid-even if it`s the bigest shop in town situated in the main shopping street where every day thousands of people are passing by. (I`m a bit ashemd about this because they even remember me by name there)

Well , lets get on here...i`m writing way too much.

I`m not sure when i fell in love with cosmetics -(my favourite brands are MAC, Chanel, Estée Lauder , NARS and some other random brands)-i`m pretty sure it happend when i bought my first MAC eyshadow- it was MAC Cranberry, not the eyeshadow you buy if you`re a starter like i was by then- and since then i can`t stop myself to buy new products and create every day interesting and new looks..

If you have any further questions, or questions which products i`ve used on one of my pictures-please leave a comment or look for informations on my blog (the link is below)


Eye Color: Green
Complexion: Light
Undertone: Cool
Skin Type: Normal
Hair Color: Red
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: June 19
Age: 33