Beauty Product Reviews

I like it but don't use it anymore.

I used to love this mascara because it would give me great thick lashes. it is going to make your lashes look clumpy and I had to wait for the formula to thicken before it would actually work. I stopped using this mascara about six months ago after I found out the company tests on animals. So if they were to stop doing that i would buy it again but until then I pass and so should you!

Pretty good but not that great.

I bought this online quite awhile ago, never used any NYX products before so I can't compare it to any of their other products. I was not very impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows. Some of them are very pigmented and some are not and require a lot of building to get good color payoff. The blushes and bronzers are quite opposite of that and have great pigmentation. The two lipgloss are great, kind of sticky but they last forever. So while the eyeshadows are not anything spectacular this little kit is pretty good and great for traveling and I would say teens also because it would be a good starter kit for anyone learning how to apply makeup or do a smokey eye :)


I have this in butternut and it is very pigmented, I was really surprised. I got it from ELF when i referred 3 ppl they sent it to me as a free gift. I wasnt expecting much when I seen it but I was really blown away, the colors are very pretty. Awesome side note, if you watch Emilynoel83 on youtube she has a mac eyeshadow dupe video and one of her mac shadows was duped by that little quad. Check it out.


I bought this awhile ago thinking it would help with my dry areas. I have oily combination skin so my T zone is oily and the outer areas are dry and sometimes patchy. I thought this would help even that out and help my foundation last longer. Well it doesnt do that at all, its too silky feeling and doesnt sink in to ur skin no matter how long u wait. once i applied my foundation it seemed to just slide right off my face. it was only half way decent when I used my Mary Kay medium coverage foundation because it absorbs excess oil on your skin. The ELF mineral face primer in my opinion smashes sheer envy. Dont waste your money!

only primer I use.

I bought this with no high hopes and just wanted to see if it worked at all. I've always used foundation as an eyelid primer. Well this stuff works great, my Eyeshadows are more pigmented and they don't crease at all. And my eye makeup lasts all day and I've even slept in my makeup to wake up and everything is in place. To me its a great product and I'll continue to buy it.