Beauty Product Reviews

Rust Sparkls

Had this in my drawer for a while, but used it today!! And the color is gorgeous! I'm not big on lipstick or lip gloss, I don't really like the sticky feeling. I'm just a chapstick girl... and this kind of has the chapstick texture.

Make Up For Ever Creamliner

this is the first creamliner I've ever used. It's a seems somewhat dry in the jar but very creamy when i apply. I have matte black, it's is very dark! it's very dramatic to wear in the day time cause i do tend to wear my eyeliner a little thick (having monolids and all :) So for those looking for jet black, this is it!!

04 Christy & 05 Yasmeen

horrible!! this foundation just doesn't blend. and what's up with the funky smell. I can deal with it but it's an odd smell.

I'm Asian so i got 04 and 05 the medium tones. just looking at it, the color matches perfectly however once on, it gives this reddish tint. makes my face look splotchy... of not being able to blend doesn't help.

i did some review searching and some say to use a wet sponge...

Really like!!

got a sample from sephora, and i really like it. this soft velvet texture is there after applying foundation. I don't like wearing foundation cause of the stickiness, but this primer kind of reduces that feeling.

Best thing ever

I have extreme dark circles. It's not only the color of my skin but the shadows created by this deep set, concave area under my eyes that concealer can not cover up. However, a dab of this highlighter under my eyes reflects light up and brightens up my whole eye area.

this is the only eye primer i've used, so i don't really have anything to base it on... which is the reason for my 3 stars. i found the product to be a little dry and sticky and i guess it's supposed to be sticky though.

i dab a little around my eyes before going to bed. it does wonders for fine lines. best eye cream there is. only use at bedtime, you don't want your eyes to be all shiny and sticky during the day~